10 Funniest Unintentional Comedies In Film History


With over a hundred years to go, the films range in quality from artistic masterpieces to complete time-wasters. This is true in all film genres, with as many bad films as good ones. However, just because a movie didn’t do well doesn’t mean it was a total flop.

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Sometimes a movie is so bad it’s unintentionally funny. These movies tend to become cult and become significantly better when watched with the idea that the movie is actually a funny movie instead of what it was originally supposed to be.

ten An Interstellar Laugh with Outer Space Plan 9

Plan 9 from outer space was a 1957 sci-fi horror about aliens trying to stop humans from developing a weapon that could destroy the universe. The aliens do this by enacting “Plan 9”, which involves resurrecting recently deceased people to cause chaos and force Earth to do what the aliens want.

Since Map 9 was made almost 70 years ago, the effects aren’t great and the acting barely holds up either. Even though these have been improved, the whole movie is quite campy. Most of the storyline is ridiculous and two of the resurrected humans, for some reason, take on the guise of vampires.

9 A train wreck in the bedroom

It’s usually a bad sign when a movie is directed, written, produced and starred by the same person, and Bedroom is no exception. Bedroom is meant to be a drama involving a love triangle and several unrelated unresolved subplots, but it falls short in many ways.

acting in Bedroom is abysmal and earned the film a reputation as one of the worst of all time. Despite this, it garnered a cult following years after its release, mostly due to its incredible meme potential in almost every scene.

8 What was it in Troll World 2

Troll 2 is an infamous movie that got a lot of hate from critics. The movie was a very low-budget story about evil goblins trying to turn humans into plants so they could eat them. Although he is named Troll 2the film has no connection with the first Troll film.

Troll 2 had an all-Italian crew who spoke almost no English, while the actors were all English speakers, which made the production very difficult. With a half-baked plot, terrible costumes and effects, and a massive language barrier, it’s no surprise this movie was so bad it became a laughing stock and gained a cult following.

seven Beware the Laughing Wicker Man

One of the most memorable actors, Nicolas Cage, lent an unintended comedy to the 2006s The wicker man. The plot involved the character of Cage searching for his ex-fiancée’s daughter among a nefarious group of neo-pagans to become a sacrifice.

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The wicker man has so many unintentionally funny scenes that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t meant to be a comedy. From Cage yelling about bees to him stealing a bike at gunpoint or running around the village in a bear costume to punch pagans, this film will have viewers crying with laughter.

6 Batman and Robin were a joke

The 1997 batman and robin was the final installment in the first series of Batman films from Warner Bros. and featured acclaimed actors such as George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Batman, Robin and Batgirl must save the world from Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze while mending their own relationships.

batman and robin is hard to take seriously when Bat-suits feature toned rear ends and nipples that serve absolutely no purpose. The script is full of cheesy lines that are meant to be serious but sound hilarious. And no one can forget that Freeze made his henchmen sing “The Snow Miser Song”.

5 Something’s wrong with what’s going on

2008 thriller by M. Night Shyamalan The event, with Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel, was about a natural disaster that caused people to commit mass suicide. The phenomenon was originally believed to be a bio-terrorist attack, but it was eventually discovered that plants naturally produce neurotoxins as a defense against humans.

If the plot wasn’t ridiculous enough, the delivery of lines and dead stares throughout the film is certainly a laugh. In one scene, a paranoid elderly woman thinks Wahlberg’s character wants to kill her, and he responds as if he’s a terrible liar caught in a lie by saying “What? No.” as if that was exactly what he intended to do.

4 Find the humor in Rock ‘N Roll Nightmare

The straight-to-video horror movie rock ‘n’ roll nightmare featured Jon Mikl Thor, a bodybuilder, musician and actor. The film followed the band Triton, led by the character Thor, as they travel to an isolated recording studio in Canada that is riddled with demons.

rock ‘n’ roll nightmare was extremely campy and didn’t make much sense, but that added to its charm. The monsters look like something out of the Muppets, or maybe Avenue Q given their R-rated nature. Despite these features, it works well for those looking for horror that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

3 Bully Maguire is the champion of Spider-Man 3

Spiderman 3 was the final film in the Raimi Spider-Man series starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. Parker bonds with a symbiote that increases his strength and negative aspects, which later bonds with another to become Venom. Spider-Man must face off against three villains in this film after defeating the symbiote.

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When most fans talk about Spider-man 3, the discussion immediately turns to memes. It’s thanks to the ridiculous character change Peter has when he bonded with the symbiote, becoming an emo-bad boy. “Bully Maguire” continues to be a popular meme to this day and brings joy to fans around the world.

2 Outer space entertainment in signs

2002 sci-fi horror film by M. Night Shyamalan Panels was a huge hit even though many found it hilarious instead of terrifying. The film follows a former Episcopal priest and his family during an alien invasion of Earth.

Although Panels has great scares, some scenes can’t help but make people laugh. Abigail Breslin saying so simply that there’s a monster outside her door, but she needs a drink of water is just plain funny. The most hilarious scene has to be the tinfoil hat scene. Despite all the tension, it will have viewers crying with laughter.

1 Have a fun and confusing time with Face/Off

One of the most thrilling yet confusing action movies of the 90s was Front/Off. An FBI agent, played by John Travolta, undergoes an experimental face transplant with a comatose big league criminal, played by Nicolas Cage, to go undercover. Cage’s character wakes up, goes through the same procedure, and tries to take over Travolta’s character’s life.

Seeing Travolta and Cage try to act like each other by acting like their characters is a treat in itself. However, Cage’s criminal persona is a bit off, which leads to some hilarious scenes including him being headbutted while dressed as a priest. Front/Off was a hit as both a thriller and a comedy.

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