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We all know titles like call me by your name, Brokeback Mountain, Carol, Moonlight and boys don’t cry. But there are plenty of great LGBTQ movies out there that were either underappreciated when they first came out or too quickly forgotten, sometimes even with big-league festival imprimatur and great reviews behind them.

There are inconsistencies in the very exposition of the work of famous filmmakers. For example, Robin Campillo’s thrilling chronicle of AIDS activism in early 1990s Paris, BPM (beats per minute)was a critical success three years ago, when relatively few people saw the riveting 2015 drama from the same writer-director, Eastern Boysabout the unexpected relationship between a middle-class Frenchman and a Ukrainian hustler.

To mark Pride 2020, The Hollywood ReporterFilm critics have picked 10 outstanding LGBTQ-themed movies that have largely fallen through the cracks and seem ripe for wider discovery.

These slots could easily have been filled by documentaries alone, given the excellence of non-fiction filmmaking on queer subjects, dating back decades. For every classic — Harvey Milk era, Paris is burningetc — there are countless others that young LGBTQ audiences may never have encountered.

Anyone looking for a crash course in queer history would do well to line up for Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s searing account of the Third Reich’s Pink Triangle campaign of persecution, Paragraph 175; Greta Schiller and Robert Rosenberg’s animated recap of the early days of the gay rights movement, Before Stone Wall; Marlon Riggs’ experimental investigation of the black gay experience, Loose tongues; Richard Schmiechen’s watchful eye on the American psychologist whose studies led to the downgrading of homosexuality to mental illness, Changing Your Mind: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker; Arthur Dong’s moving investigation into the military experience of gay World War II veterans, Come out under fire; and Jeffrey Schwarz Vitoa passionate tribute to the life and activism of Vito Russo, author of celluloid closetwhich itself became the subject of a more widely seen documentary.

Since this list could go on and on, we’ve settled for just one recent non-fiction entry that flew in and out of theaters too quickly, as well as nine narrative features that deserve a fresh look. .



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