Adam McKay says his camera crew photo in ‘Don’t Look Up’ is actually supposed to be there


A TikTok that highlights the apparently accidental shooting of McKay and his team in the background of a scene has been around

Posted on December 29, 2021

Adam Mckay’s End Times Satire Do not seek released earlier this month, and while the film’s muscular approach makes its ideas hard to miss, there is a moment in the film that might have gone unnoticed if you hadn’t paid enough attention.

A TikTok has been around lately that signals a brief moment at the film’s hour and 28 minute mark, in which you can see the film crew – and MacKay himself – in the background. of a scene taking place in an alleyway.

Accidents like this have happened on big budget sets before – Game of thrones famous photos of coffee cups and water bottles in season eight – but that’s not a single plastic water bottle, and that would be a pretty glaring mistake.

The creator of TikTok calls the scene ‘oopsy’, although honestly, the fact that ‘oopsy’ seems a little too obvious – how often does an entire crew, director included, have to stand up straight? in the line of a plan? – be anything but intentional in a film that cost $ 75 million to make.

McKay confirmed this on Twitter yesterday, responding to an article about the shooting and calling it a deliberate choice to “commemorate the strange experience of filming.”

While that sort of thing would normally make McKay look like he’s covering his ass after the fact, he’s quite likely to be telling the truth. Or maybe someone did indeed make a big oopsy! It would definitely be more fun.

You can watch the TikTok below or check out the scene in question for yourself an hour and 28 minutes away from the movie.

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