Alumnus Asad Farooqui ’19’s ‘Mabrook’ Wins Georgia Film Critics Association’s Oglethorpe Award


Mabrook (Congratulations), a short film written, directed and produced by a former Asad Farouqui ’19, won the Georgia Film Critics Association Oglethorpe Award for excellence in Georgian cinema. Each year, the award is given to one feature or short film among ten nominated projects that were produced in Georgia. Farooqui’s film won this year’s award over films like The Suicide Squad, Spider-Man: No Way Home and red notice.

In Mabrook, Amir, who is also played by Farooqui, is a struggling actor, trying to make an audition tape for some role in a movie. Her parents don’t take her job seriously and there are constant interruptions and commotion as guests are supposed to come for Eid. Mabrook is a welcome portrayal of Muslim families so often overlooked on screen. It’s an ordinary family that just disagrees on some fundamental issues. Like everyone.

Read an interview with Farooqui here.

Asad Farooqui is a director, screenwriter, producer and actor. He has directed several short films and written various scripts about characters stuck in an America that refuses to accept them. Farooqui’s feature scenario, Trashwas a Sundance Writer’s Lab finalist and a finalist in the Best Screenplay competition at the Ivy Film Festival. Trash also won the prestigious ISF National Film Grant. Farooqui’s feature scenario, The immigration game, won first place in the Atlanta Film Festival screenplay competition and was a Sundance Writer’s Lab finalist. Short film by Farooqui Broken was an Official Selection of the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival and has played at several film festivals around the world. He has developed and taught screenwriting and directing workshops for the Atlanta Film Society, the Atlanta Film Festival, and Georgia State University. Faroo, who is currently developing his first feature film, The immigration gamewhich is scheduled to shoot next year.

The Georgia Film Critics Association (GAFCA) was formed in 2011 to promote film criticism and the film industry in the state of Georgia. While critics groups are prevalent in many parts of the country, GAFCA is the first of its kind to be based solely in the state of Georgia. GAFCA membership is open to members of the critical press, whether through online, radio, television or print media.


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