‘Bake Off’ Dame Prue Leith to Appear in Netflix Sci-Fi Movie ‘Kepler 62f’


Briefly stepping away from cakes and pastries, Great British Bake Off’s Prue Leith will appear in the upcoming sci-fi film Kepler 62fmade by designer duo Vin et Omi for Netflix. Appearing alongside Blonde Debbie Harry (who plays Admiral Price), Leith will play Price’s mother. The plot follows the creation of the first human colony on another planet, as Earth becomes habitable. It’s set 400 years from now, in 2503, as people make agonizing decisions about who will form the new colony and who will stay here, tearing families apart.

Before Blonde new tour, starting Friday April 22, said singer Debbie Harry MailOnline that Kepler 62f talks about ‘conservation’ and ‘I hope it’s not too late to fix the mistakes we’ve made because of pollution and lack of concern for the environment’. The singer also revealed that she was watching GBBO for its “creative” and “relaxing” vibes.

Also speaking with MailOnlineproducers Vin and Omi said they cast Leith for the role based on her Pastry shop personality, noting that she is “strong-minded, assertive and able to judge a good sponge cake”. Leith’s husband, John Playfair, and The dragon’s lairs Deborah Meaden is also set to star in the film.

Previously, Leith made his Hollywood debut in red noticealongside Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) and Gal Gadot, by Metro. Apparently, the film was Netflix’s most expensive film project to date, with a budget of £145million, per Forbes.

There is no mention of the budget for Kepler 62f, yet, or the release date, either. You can bet on more announcements to follow, soon(ish).


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