Batman’s Paul Dano Took 200 Takes To Film A Riddler Scene


Batman director Matt Reeves reveals a scene from Riddler that took Paul Dano around 200 takes to perfect, many at the actor’s request.

The Batman director Matt Reeves reveals a scene from Riddler that made actor Paul Dano 200 perfect. After an extremely long development period with for the first time Ben Affleck attached as writer, director and star, Reeves finally stepped in to replace him, and what followed was an elongated production process plagued by delays. related to COVID. Now the Batman reboot starring Robert Pattinson in the title role is finally set to hit theaters this Friday, March 4.

Set during Bruce Wayne’s second crime-fighting year, The Batman finds the masked vigilante uncovering corruption in Gotham City as he pursues a serial killer named Edward Nashton aka the Riddler, who preys on Gotham’s elite and taunts the GCPD with numbers and riddles. For the film’s enigmatic mastermind, Reeves and Dano drew inspiration from the Zodiac Killer, resulting in a take on the comic book villain that’s a far cry from Jim Carrey’s over-the-top performance as Edward Nygma in batman forever.


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In a new profile by THRReeves spoke about the shoot The Batman with Dano, especially a scene that took the actor 200 takes to perfect. The scene in question involves the Riddler talking to Batman via video call. To film the scene, Dano was alone in a room with nothing but an iPhone, while the rest of the cast and crew were on set at a murder scene at City Hall in Gotham. The scene ended up taking around 200 takes, many of which were requested by Dano as he delivered variations on the Riddler mania. Read what Reeves had to say about the scene below:

He says, “OK, let me try one where I’m off camera and put my head in. Let me try one where I’m already sitting there.” He conducts this solo piece on an iPhone. It was the dizziness that really took me. Calling the passage of time, as if he were the host of a game show. He was so inventive and creative. He is also very critical of himself.

Paul Dano as Riddler in The Batman

Dano made his directorial debut with the 2018 film Wildlife and, based on Reeves’ comments, it looks like some of those skills came in handy while filming a certain scene for The Batman. Even before the Riddler, Dano earned a reputation for his twisted performances in there will be blood and 12 years of slavery. But with The Batmanthe actor had the chance to channel that unique badness into a big-budget blockbuster, which is guaranteed to introduce Dano to a more mainstream audience.

While Colin Farrell’s Penguin serves as a secondary villain (one that will get its own HBO Max spin-off), the film is very much about the psychological showdown between Pattinson and Dano’s characters. The first reviews of The Batman began to surface earlier in the week, with a number of critics praising the best Caped Crusader movie since Christopher Nolan The black Knight. A comic book movie is usually only as good as its villains, so a lot of The BatmanThe positive critical reception of is undoubtedly due to Dano.

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