Beggin’ In The River – A Cornish Thriller


As Elestren returns home along the Cornish countryside, she sees a woman ruthlessly sacrificing her husband… From that moment on, a dark cloud seems to hang around Elestren, causing her mind to fracture. Her father sends her to a discreet place in the hope of eradicating the evil in her. To a church… who cares.

Jacob has worked exclusively on writing, directing and producing periodical short films in Cornish; “Prosper (2022”) and “A Tortured Soul”. Both self-financed and produced from screenplay.

‘Beggin’ In The River’ will be Jacob’s first official short with a full crew and paid cast. A lack of budget forced Jacob to rely on favors and promises and to take without giving too much in return. This production aims to facilitate and take care of the crew and cast.

Every penny you donate will go toward gear, crew, cast, location, and most importantly, paying everyone fairly. Everyone has a vital role in filmmaking and the least we can do is show everyone the appreciation they deserve.

Each contribution will be recognized and recognized with different benefits to give back while we produce the film.

Thanks for the reading.

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