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Marianna Neal, Isaac Feldberg, Lauren Coates

The Chicago Film Critics Association (CFCA), the Chicago-area print, online and audiovisual review group that celebrates the art of film and film criticism, today released its list for 2021-2022, announcing acceptance of three new members.

The New Critics represent a new generation of Chicago-based film critics and bring their voices to one of the nation’s oldest and most accomplished writers’ associations.

With the annual Chicago Critics Film Festival (November 12-14, 2021) and the CFCA Awards presented in December, the Chicago Film Critics Association is a vital and thriving organization of film journalists, critics and broadcasters influencing the film industry in Chicago. and beyond.

The group is proud to welcome the following new members:

Chicago Film Critics Association

Marianna neal (she) is an independent, Rotten Tomatoes certified film critic. She is the creator, host and editor of Mix of impressions, a YouTube channel where she shares her passion for cinema through reviews and discussions. Marianna is determined to use her voice to draw attention to films around the world, highlighting human experiences from all walks of life, regardless of genre. She especially enjoys helping her viewers discover little-known films and opening them up to incredible stories that they might not have previously considered.

Isaac feldberg (he / he) is a film critic, editor and freelance journalist. Born in England, raised outside Boston and now based in Chicago, he has written reviews, essays and interviews for The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune Magazine, Paste, RogerEbert.comvulture, and Reverse, among others. You can follow him on Twitter or Letterboxd at @isaacfeldberg.

Lauren Coates (she / she) is a Chicago-based film / television critic and freelance entertainment reporter, and a student at DePaul University. In addition to her post as editor for, she contributed as a freelance writer to The AV Club, Vulture, The Playlist, Polygon, Paste, and other points of sale. She’s also a die-hard Star Trek fan and Disney World fanatic, and you can find her on Twitter @laurenjcoates.

Coats, Feldberg and Neal join existing members of the organization, more than sixty film critics and journalists based in Chicago or with permanent ties to Chicago. The full list for 2021-2022 is available here.

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