DC Fans Are Wondering What Happens After ‘The Flash’ Movie Releases


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A discussion has started among DC movie fans about what will happen next the flash came out and what measures Warner Bros. could take before the film is finalized, given the many controversies surrounding its star, Ezra Miller.

Miller has been arrested multiple times in Hawaii, faced a restraining order from a couple who was later dumped, and now faces more allegations of abusive behavior, with parents seeking an order of protection from abuse. ‘actor.

the flashwhich is a continuation of Miller’s portrayal of Barry Allen’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is currently slated for release in a year. But given all the bad press and legal issues, it was enough for Reddit user u/Killjoy3879 to wonder on the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit if WB was hatching some kind of plan to hedge their bets, from a point of view commercial.

“From a business perspective, what do you think are the most likely paths WB will take to the flash movie?” the user asked. “I don’t know much about movies or companies with big decisions like this, but obviously they spent millions on Ezra and this movie.” They continued,

“Since it’s almost over, would they fire Ezra and recast him to do covers, would they release pone [sic] the movie again and do some editing for its scenes for reuse, would they just release the movie despite the chaos knowing that they wouldn’t be making as much money as they would, if the situation hadn’t happened [?]”

One commenter’s response sounded like a rather likely scenario: “I’ll post it and recast the next movie.”

Another fan speculated that since the movie would be centered around multiversal shenanigans, a la Spider-Man: No Coming Homethe filmmakers could easily weave the actor’s recast into the film’s plot itself.

Could that be an excuse to bring Wally West into the mix as a character in future movies, as the new Flash?

Another user presented some possible scenarios. One option would be to do a few reshoots, “tone down” Miller’s role in the film as The Flash, bolster the roles of supporting characters – like Batman, Supergirl, and Batgirl – and “renaming the whole thing” as Justice League Flashpoint. However, if that doesn’t work out, WB could always release the movie as is and recast it with the next movie.

Another commentator wondered if expensive reworks were even feasible for the flashgiven the reported penchant of the new WB boss for budget cuts.

“Recapture the flash literally defeats the purpose and adds more debt.

It seems entirely possible that WB will simply choose to “retire the character” completely afterwards. flash, said one user.

Could the flash have an HBO Max-only version in its future? Only time will tell.

the flash hits theaters, unless further delayed, on June 23, 2023.


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