Family Film Awards, 1st Produced by Dick Clark, Celebrates 25 Years to Oscars 2023


FAMILY FILM AWARDS and Ms. Xiaoqiu Ma bring US family movies, TV and music to China

FILM AWARDS celebrates 25 years of uplifting family entertainment, ie.

This November. FAMILY FILM AWARDS celebrates 25 years of uplifting family entertainment, ie. Oscar-Nominated Tom Hanks’ ‘A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood’, Animated ‘The Lion King’ and Netflix’s ‘Half of It’

What type of "Sparks" will create Ma Xiaoqiu and the Family Film Awards?

What kind of “sparks” will Ma Xiaoqiu and the Family Film Awards create?

Chinese billionaire Ms. Xiaoqiu Ma joins the Family Film Awards as co-owner with Dr. Olympia Gellini to bring award-winning family entertainment from the United States to China

… launched by the classic film “The Wizard of Oz”. Guests present included Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Robin Hood Williams…”

— Publication, MIN News

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 3, 2022 / — FAMILY FILM AWARD (FFA) will air in November with entrepreneur, Ms. Xiaoqiu Ma, joining CEO, Dr. Olympia Gillini. Together, they are thrilled to take the Family Film Awards to a new stage of development by honoring film, television and music dedicated to family values, as past winners including Tom Hanks’ “A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood”, the animation “The Lion”. King” and Netflix’s “The Half of It” from the United States to China.

Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) will host the 2022 Family Film Awards this year.

The Family Film Award show was first produced by the legendary Dick Clark and aired on public broadcaster PBS making. The Awards Show’s first home movie awards show recognizes wholesome values ​​in movies, like a future winner, “The Lion King,” with a message about responsibility and bravery.

Owner/CEO Dr Olympia Gillini recalls: “The idea of ​​creating an organization that would truly celebrate and unite the world of cinema was born when I was 17 and attended the Berlin Film Festival. From there, I have participated in and attended a multitude of international film festivals, film markets and entertainment industry events.” The dedication and passion he has shown over the years has distinguished from the international film community.

In November, millions of viewers from the United States to China will tune in to enjoy the 25th Family Film Awards celebration. Films with family values ​​have been awarded by networks and productions such as ABC, BBC, Films, Disney, Columbia, Tencent, Pixar, FOX and Hallmark. See the whole catalog on Family Film Awards is proud to partner with the World Film Institute, DYF (DorFrim Lyrics), California Miramar University, Reelz Channel and Pacific Rim Business Council.

“The Family Film Award aims to honor excellence in the making of family-oriented films. These awards are given to ‘G’ and ‘PG’ rated feature films and television shows,” says the FFA.

Emmy-winning producer and director David McKenzie and Associated Television will produce this year’s Family Film Awards.

“Entertainment industry professionals will be added to the Family Film Awards Board of Directors in the coming months and have expanded international awards nominations to include more films from countries outside of the United States and China” , says Dr. Jeannie Yi, co-executive producer of the Family Film Awards.

The 25th Family Film Awards will take place at the end of November and will also be presented with their own float during the 2022 Christmas Parade in Hollywood. The reason they are having a float in the Hollywood Christmas Parade is that the Family Film Awards will also help support and promote Toys for Tots and their activities to help children and their families.

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Family Film Awards Recognize Film, TV and Music at Star-Studded Awards Ceremony


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