Filming of Telugu films could stop from August 1 to ‘restructure the industry’


The Telugu film industry may halt film shoots from next month. Reports suggest that the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce has also been notified of the same.

Telugu film producers are planning to block film shoots from August 1, 2022 in a bid to “restructure the industry”. Production costs have increased several times while theater revenues have fallen to low levels. Several growers have held meetings over the past couple of days in Hyderabad and decided to take tough action to put things right for the survival of the industry. A producer said the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce has been notified of their decision to halt film shoots from August 1. Read also : Taapsee Pannu on ‘little’ Telugu movie Mishan Impossible: ‘It’s a movie I had the power to choose now’

A Telugu film producer told PTI: “Theatrical revenues, except for blockbuster movies like RRR, KGF-2 and one or two others, have fallen to an abysmal 20%. This has hit hard industry, which was already reeling from the impact of COVID. Everyone is now worried about the sustainability of the industry in such a scenario,” the producer said.

Producers have come together to find ways to restructure the entire industry to ensure its survival, he added. The producers made the major decision not to release any new movies on OTT platforms for 10 weeks after the theatrical release.

“Now even big star movies are coming to the OTT in three weeks. This further contributes to the decline in theater revenue. Low budget movies are unable to survive in such a market,” another producer pointed out. fame. “We will have further discussions in the coming days and come to a final decision on the way forward,” the producer said.


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