FOX4 critics share list of 9/11-related movies


KANSAS CITY, Missouri – In honor of the 20th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, FOX4 movie critics Shawn Edwards and Russ Simmons share their favorite memories and movies from that day.

Shawn edwards

1.25 hour (R)

“25th Hour” isn’t just the best 9/11 movie, it’s also one of director Spike Lee’s best movies – and that says a lot. It is not September 11 per se – it takes place immediately after the tragedy. The aftermath serves as a brilliant backdrop as Ed Norton, a mid-level drug dealer, must come to terms with his best friends, girlfriend, and father before heading to jail.

2. Zero Dark Thirty (R)

“Zero Dark Thirty” is an incredibly crisp film. It traces the long and winding road leading to the capture and ultimate murder of Osama bin Laden, starting on September 11. Jessica Chastain looks amazing in this haunting, realistic thriller.

3. Value (R)

“Worth” is so powerful because it effectively examines the aftermath of 9/11. Michael Keaton, in career best performance as lawyer Kenneth Feinberg must decide how much the deceased are worth. Poignant and powerful, this film will absolutely pierce your soul.

Russ simmons

1. United 93 (R)

In the sobering film “United 93”, filmmaker Paul Greengrass brings heightened, intense, documentary-like realism to the remarkable story of this ill-fated flight. He is never abusive and lets the events themselves portray the remarkable heroism of everyone involved.

2. World Trade Center (PG-13)

In “World Trade Center,” Nicholas Cage leads a solid cast in a film depicting the noble efforts of first responders at Ground Zero. It’s a visually awe-inspiring film that’s free from many of filmmaker Oliver Stone’s usual political quarrels. It is a fitting tribute to the selfless efforts of many courageous people.

3. Reign over me (R)

Comedian Adam Sandler takes a dramatic turn in the touching film “Reign Over Me”, the story of a man struggling with personal loss after September 11. He relies on a rekindled friendship with an old friend, played by Don Cheadle of Kansas City, to overcome his grief. It is a soft and touching film.


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