Join a Conversation on “Canceling Cinema Culture” with film critics from the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune


Join us on Tuesday, June 1 at 12 p.m. PT for the panel discussion “Cancel culture in cinema: separate art from the artist” – part of TheWrap’s multimedia series “Conversations about the cancellation of culture”.

During this session, film critics Ann hornaday (Washington post), Michael phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Alonso Duralde (The Envelope) will join the Dean of Chapman University Film School Stephen galloway for an in-depth discussion of how – and if – this modern form of ostracism impacts how we view the work of “canceled” filmmakers, actors, artists, musicians and more.

On Friday, June 4 at 4 p.m. PT, the public is also invited to listen to a reminder and follow-up chat exclusively on Clubhouse.

This conversation is the second of four in a series of panel discussions entitled “Conversations on Canceling Culture,” presented by TheWrap. Starting May 25 for four weeks, TheWrap will live stream a panel discussion every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. PT on one of the following topics: Journalism, Film Criticism, Comedy, and Canceled Culture Rehabilitation.

Other featured speakers in the series include the editors Danielle Belton (The HuffPost), Gerard Biard (Charlie hebdo), actors Maz jobrani (“I’m not a terrorist, but I played one on TV”) and Skye Townsend (“A Black Lady Sketch Show”) with the crisis public relations manager Matthieu hiltzik.


Ann hornaday started her career with Ms. Magazine and eventually began writing films for The New York Times. In 1995, she became a film critic for the Austin American-Statesman before becoming a film critic for the Baltimore Sun. In 2002, Hornaday began working at the Washington Post, where she is currently a film critic. Ann is the author of “Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies” and was a Pulitzer Prize for Critics finalist in 2008.

Michael phillips is the Chicago Tribune film critic. Prior to that, he was a theater critic for the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego-Union Tribune, and began his career as an editor and film critic for the weekly Twin Cities City Pages. He has co-hosted over 100 episodes of “At the Movies,” including one season with AO Scott, and most recently has featured over 100 films on Turner Classic Movies.

Alonso Duralde is TheWrap’s chief film critic and co-host of the “Linoleum Knife” podcast. He also appears regularly in “Who Shot Ya?” and “Breakfast all day”. In addition, Duralde is a lead programmer for the Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles and a consultant for the USA Film Festival. He is the author of two books “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas” and “101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men”.

Stephen galloway is the Dean of Chapman University Film School. As an Emmy-winning writer and producer, Galloway created Hollywood journalistthe famous Oscar round tables, as well as the Netflix series “The Hollywood Masters”, which he hosted and produced by the director. In 2009 he created the award-winning Women in Entertainment mentorship program and in 2019 he led a leadership program for young men and women of color, the Young Executives Fellowship, in association with Oprah Winfrey.

About the “Conversations on the Cancellation of Culture” series

The series ‘Conversations on the Cancellation of Culture’ addresses a new wave of pressure to be silent – or to be quiet – which quickly spread from media to entertainment to politics. Is this a new form of censorship? Or a necessary fix to a rooted privilege?

This very title “Cancel Culture” is provocative and controversial. And yet, we believe it is important to have a thoughtful and solid dialogue around this issue which encompasses both freedom of expression and accountability, the rise of pressure groups on social media and real violence. which sometimes followed.

The series will be aimed at journalists, comedians, film critics and academics, among others, to tackle this complex subject which is – just to confuse – being hijacked for all manner of misinformation and misinformation. political posture.

Without scrutiny, “canceling culture” threatens to undermine the free exchange of ideas. Debate, discussion and disagreement, and tolerance of those with different beliefs.

For more information on Conversations on Cancel Culture, a multimedia series from TheWrap, visit:


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