Joker 2 will have a bigger budget than the first movie


The unexpected huge success of the first Joker The 2019 comeback film prompted Warner Bros. to develop a sequel that was finally confirmed to have been given the green light some time ago with the return of Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips. Soon after, Lady Gaga joined the cast and would play Harley Quinn.

Now it looks like the sequel, which is titled Joker: Madness for two, will have a higher budget than the first film according to a recent report from Variety. The sequel is expected to have a budget of $150 million, which is nearly three times more than the $55 million budget announced by the first film.

The high cost of the sequel is due to the film’s complicated musical sequences that would be reminiscent A star is born. Additionally, Phoenix and Phillips will also receive a salary of $20 million each for their work on the film, while Gaga will get $10 million.

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However, the sequel’s budget is still cheaper than most theatrical DC movies which are usually around $200 million or more. Production costs have also increased during the COVID-19 pandemic era as they have to add the implementation of safety protocols into the budget.

Considering the salaries of those involved in the film and its significantly larger scope than the first, it’s not really surprising to hear now that the sequel will have a huge budget. There’s also the fact that the first made over $1 billion at the box office and they’re more confident that they can recoup it.

Obviously, the film’s budget does not determine the quality of the film. It always depends on how they will execute the story and if it will resonate with the audience. We still have two years before we have answers.

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Joker: Madness for two is slated for a theatrical release on October 4, 2024.


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