‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’ is a fresh film with very good treatment – Producer Usha Mulpuri


The mother of young hero Naga Shaurya, producer Usha Mulpuri’s latest production is “Krishna Vrinda Vihari”. The film will hit screens on September 23. Excerpts from her media interaction where she talks about the film, her journey as a producer, and more.

About release date

We are happy to announce the release date of September 23rd. The first narration from director Anish Krishna made us accept the project. The story developed later and everything fell into place.

About the role of Naga Shaurya

Naga Shaurya plays a software employee who is also a son, husband and lover in the film. He is a Brahman. I hope it will be the best film of his career. Shaurya had to do his homework for two months to get into the role.

About Krishna Vrinda Vihari

Krishna Vrinda Vihari is a commercial entertainer and family drama. I liked the story both as a mother and as a producer. It’s a complete package. Audiences will love the treatment. It has nothing to do with ‘DJ’ and ‘Ante Sundaraniki’. There is no similarity between our film and the other two films.

About the budget

The film’s budget exceeded the originally estimated figure. It cost us more than the general commercial film. It remains a fresh film even though it was written before the pandemic. There is no doubt that it looks outdated.

About becoming a producer

I became a producer unexpectedly. When I produced my first film, it was almost unexpected. “Chalo” was a box office success. “Aswathama” was an above average film whose content was appreciated by all. By coming to ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’, we are convinced that it will give us great commercial success. I am also open to producing films with other heroes.

About Naga Shaurya’s Marriage

I hear rumor that Naga Shaurya is getting married. You have to ask him about it. Does a son obey his parents these days?


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