Kristen Stewart’s role as Princess Diana snubbed by British Film Awards


After missing out on a SAG nomination, Kristen Stewart’s hopes for the Princess Diana Spencer biopic took another hit with a BAFTA snub.

Although considered a major player in this year’s awards race, Kristen Stewart’s performance as Princess Diana in spencer was snubbed by the BAFTAs. Since ending her role as Bella Swan in the dusk movies, Stewart has racked up some nice credits for his filmography, mostly through independent films. With spencer, the actress received the best reviews of her career and quickly became one of the strongest contenders for Best Actress when the film premiered. Directed by Pablo Larrain, spencer follows the tragic public figure as she tries to keep her head above water during a particularly contentious holiday weekend with the Royal Family.


Stewart was a big fixture at the start of this ongoing awards season, racking up multiple accolades and nominations from various critics bodies. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe, although she lost to Be the Ricardos Nicole Kidman. Nevertheless, Stewart spencer The performance seemed destined for further awards, which is why many were surprised when she missed out on a Screen Actors’ Guild nomination. As this awards body is specifically for acting, her lack of a nomination was a serious snub, especially for those who support her.

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Now Stewart has sadly missed out on another key award. On Thursday morning, the BAFTAs announced their nominations for the 2022 awards show, and Stewart wasn’t among those in the running for lead actress, making her one of the group’s biggest snubs (via Deadline). Instead, the nominees are Lady Gaga (Gucci House), Alana Haim (Licorice Pizza), Emily Jones (CODA), Renate Reinsve (The worst person in the world), Joanna Scanlan (After Love), and Tessa Thompson (Who passed).

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer

Overall, the BAFTA nominations come as a surprise to many. Stewart wasn’t the only lead actress nominee to miss, as Kidman and Olivia Colman, a favorite for The lost girl, were also left cold. For spencer in general, it was entirely excluded; even his highly praised costumes were not honored with a nomination. To some, that sounds like a bad sign for spencerhis chance at the Oscars.

And yet, it’s important to remember that the BAFTAs are not the same as the Oscars. Stewart and spencerit is the lack of BAFTA nominations is particularly shocking because of its subject matter, but both have received a lot of love in Hollywood. Stewart had a lot of momentum early on, and it could still push her to her first Oscar nomination. For her part, Stewart said she doesn’t care about the awards buzz, so hopefully it doesn’t affect her too much. Regardless of what the award bodies say, she put on a brilliant performance as Diana, and it has already been recognized by many people. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Oscars say next Tuesday.

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Source: Deadline

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