Moments Goya: anecdotes about the Spanish cinema awards that deserve a bobblehead


Spanish cinema is once again adorning itself with its great annual celebration: the Goya Awards. The National Academy Awards Ceremony reaches 36 years of history this Saturday and has under its belt a good bouquet of moments and anecdotes that I want to review for you.

The first red carpet

Revisiting the first edition of the awards makes one blush because of the modest nature of the event and the innocence and inexperience of this first gala. Among the guests at this ceremony were Alaska, Sara Montiel, Marujita Díaz and Gunilla Von Bismark. The first prize awarded on this occasion went to King Juan Carlos in tribute, who presided over the event together with Doña Sofía.

Almodóvar sings “Happy Birthday” to Don Felipe


The 2000 edition coincided with the 32nd birthday of the then Prince of Asturias, who presided over the ceremony. To celebrate such a beautiful coincidence, the current monarch had a priceless gift: the very Pedro Almodóvar sang, imitating Marilyn Monroe, the stage’s “Happy Birthday”.

The morreo between Santi Millán and José Coronado


Two of Mediaset’s biggest stars, Santi Millán and José Coronado, starred in a historic moment when they impressed each other on stage. The presenter of ‘Got Talent’ and the protagonist of ‘Entrevías’ merged into a ‘filetazo’ in the 2009 edition which made headlines the next day.

Dani Rovira’s high heels

high heel shoes

Another LGTBI-friendly moment in the history of the awards came from the hand of Dani Rovira, presenter of the gala in 2017. The Malaga native put on two high-heeled shoes with which he wanted to claim equality, although the feminists who ended up protesting the gesture. Before this moment, at the start of the gala, a “beautiful!” was heard, exclaimed by his then-girlfriend Clara Lago.

Adriana Ugarte’s Gaffe


Nerves can play tricks on anyone and that’s what happened to Adriana Ugarte when she had to deliver the Goya to the Best Song winner. The actress said the name of the song for ‘The Wild Children’ when in fact the winner was the composed theme for ‘Snow White’. While Adriana asked “sorry for the mistake”, her partner, actor Carlos Santos added: “What a great moment”.

The breakup of Chenoa and Álex González in full ceremony


The Goya’s red carpet served to dynamite the fleeting romance of Álex González and Chenoa. That night marked the end of their romance, according to what the Mallorcan said long later: “This surreal night – in reference to the 2006 Goya Awards gala – ended in a very strange bad atmosphere, because I had nothing to do with the cameras chasing me. This put Álex’s inability to accept that he was a famous person’s boyfriend and became an ongoing reproach. The official version of their split, for work reasons and scheduling complications, remained a big lie after the Mallorcan’s revelations.

A Goya on the ground


The emotion of delivering a Goya ended with the price of the special effects team of “Mortadelo y Filemón” broken and on the ground. Actor Javier Gutiérrez tripped when he was going to deliver it, with such bad luck that ‘El Cabezón’ fell to the ground and split in two. Quickly, the organizers brought another and the thing remained in the anecdote.

Buenafuente and Silvia Abril striptease


Silvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuente put on quite a show during their presentation at the 2020 Goya gala which served as their passport to rehearsing this year. During the Goya submission for Best Costume Design, Silvia Abril starred in a sketch in which she apparently remained in her underwearr for an accident with her dress. At that exact moment, Andreu said “I love you” to his wife and ripped off the suit he was wearing, revealing white briefs with Goya designs.

The year of “No to war”

no wing

The 2003 award ceremony will go down in history as the “No to War” ceremony. The winners and the presenters have raised blisters within the political class due to criticism of the Aznar government’s collaboration with American missions in the Persian Gulf. That year, one of the winners was Lolita Flores.

Mario Casas, in slippers


The pandemic has forced the 2021 gala to be telematic. You know, with the actors at home and with a lot of Skype and a lot of video conferencing. This very domestic edition offered us moments for posterity such as Mario Casas was dressed to nine but, in an unintentional homage to Carmen Sevilla, with slippers on his feet. The slippers were from Batman, by the way. And he got the prize!


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