Philippines makes film grants non-recoverable


Filipino filmmakers will no longer have to repay production grants received from Film Philippines, the organization also known as the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), Asian Contents & Film learned on Saturday. Busan market.

“Film Philippines’ incentives and grants are the same, and the benefits you can get and the cashback percentages you can get, they’re still the same. The only difference is that these are now non-recoverable funds, meaning the recipient does not need to return the funds they receive,” said David Fabros, Unit Manager, Special Projects and external affairs to the FDCP. Variety. “Before, it was different. Previously, the FDCP required that a share of capital be returned. But now it has been revised and removed. So now all Film Philippines incentives grants are non-recoverable.

The Philippines has multiple incentives, including the Film Location Incentive Program, the International Co-production Fund, and the ASEAN Co-production Fund.

The FDCP’s new president and CEO, Tirso S. Cruz III, who took over from Liza Dino, said the FDCP has received a lot of feedback from producers about the additional burden that a recoupable grant adds to a film’s budget.

“We’re supposed to give grants and funds to people whose projects we think are worthwhile. So why burden them with this if we could give the grant as a grant,” Cruz said. Variety. “When you say grant, you don’t expect anything in return. And we should at least trust these people when they come up with their plans. And we believe in them. So we decided to drop the word “recoverable” and just leave it as a grant.

“We thought we were meant to help, so let’s help properly,” Cruz added. “And it was as simple as that. Now everyone will be more relaxed and more interested in proposing their projects and coming to see us, because they know that if you can propose a good project, we will surely give you a grant. »

Cruz also revealed a new focus on education and training for the FDCP. “The new direction of the new administration is film development, education and film archiving. The goal of the FDCP now is really to support, develop and mentor Filipino filmmakers,” Cruz said.

Education-wise, the FDCP will provide formal film education for workers in the film industry, including actors, who had up until then learned on the job,” said Cruz, who is also a superstar actor in Philippine industry. Support will also be given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who show promise but do not have funding for their thesis films.

“From what we’ve seen, the new blood is bolder and more innovative. And, I saw such fire in their eyes, especially the young ones,” Cruz said. Training will also be provided in scriptwriting, script development, directing and cinematography.

“That’s mainly where we’re headed for the next two years of the industry. Of course, we will always have the old programs that worked. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just use it. But again, we are adding some redirects and realignments and additionally improving the industry and operations of the FDCP itself,” Cruz added.


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