Real Housewives stars turn movie critics into bizarre promo video for film


don’t worry darling has been surrounded by its fair share of bizarre stories – the most recent being a promotional video featuring the real housewives.

Featuring Florence Poug and Harry Stylesthe psychological thriller has been plagued by rumors of on-set feuds and disputes surrounding the treatment of its main stars.

The film will hit cinemas next week (September 23), with an unexpected promotional video emerging on social media on Friday (September 16) featuring cast members from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It starts with reality TV stars Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff gasping spectacularly as they watch clips from the film.

“You guys can we please talk about this movie,” Kemsley says, while Minkoff describes don’t worry darling like a “roller coaster”.

Offering her own critique, Kemsley says, “I thought Florence Pugh’s character was this really capable, strong woman. You could tell that Harry Styles was fully invested in his character.

Stracke then says she “wouldn’t make a good housewife” in the fictional town of Victory, before a title card is shown for “The Real Housewives of Victory”.

“I think we can take them,” Minkoff replies, the women all laughing.

The clip was shared on Twitter by real housewives fans, with one social media user writing, “I didn’t care don’t worry darling the least so far.

“He’s the best sponsor,” commented another.

One tweet read: “Dorit Kemsley, 2023 OSCAR nominee.”

“The lore of this movie,” wrote another fan, referring to the behind the scenes drama that surrounded Wilde’s film from shooting to release.

don’t worry darling releases Friday, September 23.


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