the BBC’s political editor leaves his post; LA Film Critics names the best documentaries


BBC political editor quits

Laura Kuenssberg will step down as BBC political editor next Easter after seven years in the role, instead taking on a senior presenting and reporting role across the BBC.

Kuenssberg (pictured) will take charge of a number of television, radio and online news and current affairs projects, with more details to be revealed in 2022. The BBC will begin a competitive recruitment process for her replacement .

Kuenssberg was appointed BBC political editor in 2015, becoming the first woman to hold the post. Since then, she has covered two UK general elections, the Brexit referendum and its aftermath, and the government’s response to the COVID pandemic.

During his tenure, Kuenssberg has produced work across all platforms, presenting two Brexit TV documentaries and a podcast about the inside story of the COVID-19 response, developing an audience for his online columns and creating a strong social network after . She was a regular presenter on BBC Sounds’ most popular podcast of 2021, Newswinner’s successor Brexitcastwhich is now a weekly television program.

“Laura was an outstanding BBC political editor throughout some of the most turbulent political times in living memory. His incisive commentary, tough questions and shrewd insight have guided our audiences over the past seven years,” BBC Director-General Tim Davie said in a press release.

LA Film Critics Honor soul summer, To run away

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association named Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson’s Summer of Soul (…or, when the revolution couldn’t be televised) best documentary/non-fiction film of 2021, with Robert Greene Procession winning the honor of second place.

It’s the final prize for Thompson’s music documentary, which also won Best Editing for Joshua L. Pearson’s work.

Documentary by Jonas Poher Rasmussen To run awaywhich is also shaping up to be an awards magnet this season, was named Best Animated Feature of the Year by Los Angeles critics.

Last year’s awards saw Garrett Bradley Time wins Best Documentary honors ahead of its Best Documentary Feature Oscar nomination, starring Alexander Nanau Collective be named a finalist.

Netflix acquires WW2 series Road to Victory by World Media Rights

British production company World Media Rights (WMR) has announced that its docuseries The Second World War in Colour: The Road to Victorywill debut on Netflix as The path to victorylaunching on December 22.

The 10-part series is a co-production between WMR and ZDF Enterprises and follows the progress of the allies from the first returns and victories of WWII to the surrender of Germany and Japan, using the special colorization techniques from WMR to take vintage black and white archives and color it.

Alan Griffiths and Eamon Hardy of World Media Rights are the executive producers of The path to victory.

“We are delighted that Netflix is ​​taking The path to victory to their 214 million subscribers as a Netflix series. WMR’s colorization and sound techniques bring World War II to life as if it were shot yesterday for the news cameras,” said Griffiths, CEO of World Media Rights, in a press release.

The Television Academy announces a series of changes to the Emmy Awards

The Television Academy announced changes to the 2021-22 Emmy Awards on Monday, December 20.

Real Estate programming will be affected by the changes, with Supervising Story Producer being added as an Emmy-eligible title in the Structured, Unstructured, and Competition program categories. Additionally, the academy clarified that Reality Cinematography submissions should be shot in a unique on-location camera style. Studio shows or episodes in which a high percentage of the program is shot in the studio are not eligible for this category.

Eligibility for Emmys in reality programming will be determined by job title and function. To be eligible, entrant must have Executive Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Supervising Story Producer, Producer, Lead Producer, or Series Producer credit. And their feature must support those credits on at least half of the series’ eligible episodes. To qualify for Emmy eligibility, the entrant must also have the primary creative skill across the entire program.

The contemporary designation for makeup and hairstyling for a variety, non-fiction, or reality program has been eliminated. These awards have now changed from regional awards to juried awards, which means that all nominees are selected by a jury of peers and one, several, or no nominations receive an Emmy, without any nominations.

In documentary programming, the academy has clarified that recreations, including those that use animation or performers, if based on fact and used for illustrative purposes, are limited to a percentage not exceeding 25% of the special documentary or series.

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