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NOW IN THEATERS! I’ve been saying this for years, but in Asia, South Korea has the most content with a very American tone and storytelling. the thriller, Parasite, is just one of hundreds of examples. Whenever a Korean movie comes to the United States, you need to hop on it fast and catch it while it’s in theaters. This is the case of director Jae-Hoon Choi The killer.

From the first moments, you will not be lost on the similarities between The killer and John Wick (without the dog). Korean action star Jang Hyuk plays former hitman/mercenary Bang Ui Gang. Now living the life of a civilian, Bang is married to Yeon (Bang Eun-Jung) and hopes to prepare for his future by studying to become a real estate investor.

Yeon needs a favor. She’s going on a girls’ weekend with her friend and needs Bang to “sit” her teenage daughter, Anne (Seo-young Lee), while they’re away. Bang reluctantly agrees…happy house. Being the non-parent that he is, Bang gives Anne a stack of money and tells her not to get in trouble with her college friends. Later that night, Anne is kidnapped by a gang of sex traffickers and is about to be shipped off to Russia for a “swap”.

Bang refuses to disappoint his wife and goes after the kidnappers, starting with Anne’s group of new “friends” from middle school. Bang kills most of the gang members, and the police are now hunting him for their murders (I mean he killed them). Now there is a bigger conspiracy going on. Anne was specifically a target of the central crime boss. So not only does he have to save Anne, but he has to take on the boss to make sure any debt Anne owes is paid off in full.

If you like your super violent, graphic and bloody action, The killer is the movie for you. Any similarity with John Wick are more than fair, and I would say The killer amplifies the blood. Weapons of choice are fists, knives, and a wide assortment of firearms, and the fight choreography is top-notch. The CG blood splatter and head exploding budget is high in this one. Not since the 1980s has the body count been so incredibly high. Let’s just say there aren’t many survivors at the end, and everyone’s fate is either fast or agonizingly slow.

“…Anne is kidnapped by a gang of sex traffickers and is about to be shipped to Russia for an “exchange”.

Honestly, violence and gore is pretty much what this movie is about. The only weak point of the film is the lack of depth of the story. The story is simple. Bang must rescue Anne and stop the villains from pursuing them for the rest of their lives. There are very few character arcs in the film. Bang’s growth as a human comes from his interactions with Anne, which may or may not elicit feelings of fatherhood in the end. For the most part, the story is about killing bad guys and a few bad girls.

If there is an arc or an art to The killer, it’s in the building and progression of the action – a way to complete Bang’s challenge like a video game. In the beginning, the numbers are even and Bang can easily defeat his enemies at first. Then it becomes a strip of tens to increase the level of difficulty. Now add weapons, starting with knives, then progressing to guns. Then, of course, add a car and motorcycle chase. Soon, crazed characters drop from the woodwork, from crooked cop Lee Young-ho (Lee Seung-joon) to an over-the-top whiny henchman who can’t throw a punch to save his life but is also abandoned. a lot of responsibility.

All of this then leads to a final battle between Bang and the mini-boss, who is Bang’s physical and strategic equal. Every move is countered and they fight until they are bloodied. This battle is a symphony of violence, and the use of guns is unlike anything you’ve seen (at least in American action).

The killer is like porn (a bad comparison, I admit). You are only here for the action. Yes, there is a story (and it’s a good one), but it only exists to take us from one setting to another. I know very little about star Jang Hyuk, but he carries the film and the action admirably. This guy is an accomplished fighter and all the action is shot well, unlike the Bourne series. I think his charisma comes more from his fighting skills than his acting, but he had that early Tom Cruise vibe. If you just want some action, The killer is for you. In fact, there’s so much action that the subtitles won’t bother you at all.


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