Two film awards for a charity for draft animals


A short film made by Spana (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) won two awards at this week’s Charity Film Awards 2022.

The global working animal charity received an People’s Choice Award after winning the most votes in a public vote and also won a Bronze Jury Prize from the Charity Film Awards.

Spana’s movie, International Working Animal Day 2020was produced to raise awareness of the daily challenges faced by working animals (including horses, donkeys and camels) and the essential role these working animals play in many of the world’s poorest communities.

Worldwide, it is estimated that there are more than 200 million working animals in low-income countries. These animals do the work of trucks, tractors and taxis, and allow poor families to earn a small income by transporting food, water, goods and firewood. However, draft animals often have short and difficult lives, working in extreme conditions, with no veterinary care available when sick or injured.

Spana works to transform the lives of working animals around the world, through global activities that include providing free veterinary care, training owners in animal care and teaching children animal welfare.

David Bassom, Spana’s global director of fundraising, marketing and communications, said the charity was honored to have its work recognized and hoped it would create greater awareness of the plight of animals in trait and Spana.

“We are extremely grateful to everyone who voted for our film – it is entirely thanks to the support of the public that we received a People’s Choice Award.

“Spana’s call for help has never been greater and we depend on the kindness of our supporters to ensure we can continue to be there for the working animals who desperately need it,” he said. he declares.

Spana celebrates its centenary in 2023. The association was founded in 1923 by a British mother and daughter, Kate and Nina Hosali, who traveled through North Africa in the early 1920s and were struck by the immense suffering endured by draft animals. Last year, Spana provided free veterinary care to more than 283,000 working animals in 28 low-income countries.


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