WarGames (1983) Revisited: Sci-Fi Film Review


If you watched movies in 1983, the personal computer at home must have seemed incredibly dangerous; as in John Badham’s 1983 classic War games, Matthew Broderick can bring us to the brink of World War 3 and thermonuclear war with just a few clicks. In this episode of Revisited, we take a look at this super fun 80s movie, starring Ally Sheedy and 80s mainstay Dabney Coleman. It’s one of many great films directed by John Badham, one of the most underrated directors of the decade, with him also blue thunder, Surveillance and more.

It turns out, however, that Badham wasn’t the original choice to lead. War games, and in fact, the original director was fired in the middle of filming. This director was Martin Brest, who then directed Beverly Hills Cop the next year. Badham ended up delivering a real crowd pleaser, with the film grossing $124 million worldwide on a budget of $12 million. He delivered his home studio United Artists a much-needed hit following Michael Cimino’s infamous flop, The Gate of Paradise.

Check out this episode written by Cody Hamman, edited by Will Hume, narrated by Travis Hopson and produced by Adam Walton. Check out previous episodes below and let us know if you think WarGames holds up in the comments!


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