Whiplash sound designer Craig Mann works on Parthiban’s single-shot film | Tamil Cinema News

Actor-director Radhakrishnan Parthiban enlisted Craig Mann, the Oscar-winning sound designer of the acclaimed Hollywood film Whiplash, to work on the sound for his one-shot film Iravin Nizhal, whose music is by AR Rahman.

Talking about why he wanted Craig on board, Parthiban tells us: “I always look for films that scare me, in the sense that they should scare me if I could ever make a movie like that. Whiplash was the one of those films, and I had even recommended it to Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja. Craig’s work in Whiplash was exceptional. You could even hear the drummer’s nail scratching on his instrument! Since I saw this film, he is on my wish list of people I want to work with. For Iravin Nizhal, I needed such a complex sound design and I felt I had to approach it.

Another sound technician, Kunal Rajan, who lives in the United States and has been in films like Vishwaroopam, put him in touch with Craig. “I actually took a while to reach Craig and by then we had started working on the film. But I wanted his expertise for this film one way or another. So a time i contacted him i first screened the film for him his first reaction was disbelief and he said this was by no means a one shot film and we had put together plans to make it look like one. I consider that to be the highest praise for this film. Because the narrative of the film is non-linear and is about a 50-year-old man looking back on his life. We we have day and night, sun and rain… We show the different stages of this person’s life. We set up 50 sets on 64 acres of land, with a big budget, to shoot it in one shot. “It’s a movie that can only be shot once in a lifetime. We had several rehearsals with the cast and crew before shooting the movie. He explained all of this to Craig, he was very impressed and got on board,” says Parthiban.

Craig has now finished work on the film, Parthiban informs. “We interacted virtually and he did his work from Hollywood. Siva from AR Rahman’s studio, Kunal and Craig all worked on the sound of the film,” he adds.

In a video the filmmaker shared on his social media, Craig is seen saying, “Partiban’s achievement on this film is something. The technical skill it took to pull this off is very impressive.”

The actor-director, who has now sent the film for a screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, now hopes he will get support from the Indian government and the Tamil Nadu government for his effort. “I’m not talking about rewarding after the film is released. Just like how the government sponsors sports people before they compete in the Olympics, I’m trying to find a way in which the government can encourage filmmakers who make such unique attempts,” he signs.


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