Winners of the Build Film Awards 2021


On October 7, the 30th annual Build Film Awards took place. The Buil Film Awards are organized by the Busan Ilbo newspaper and usually take place during the Busan International Film Festival, which kicked off on October 6 this year.

Escape from Mogadishuwon six awards, including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Popular Male Star. The Best Actor and Best Actress awards were won by Yoo Ah in (“voice of silence“) and Jeon Jong Seo (“The Call”).

Check out the full list of winners below!

Best film : “Escape from Mogadishu” (dir. Ryu Seung Wan)

Best Actress: Jeon Jong Seo (“The Call”)

Best actor: Yoo Ah In (“Voice of Silence”)

Best Director: Lee Joon Ik (“The Fish Book”)

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sun Young (“Three sisters”)

Best Supporting Actor: Heo Joon Ho (“Escape from Mogadishu”)

Popular Star Award (Female): Esom (“Samjin Company English Course”)

Popular Star Award (Male): Jo In Sung (“Escape from Mogadishu”)

Yu Hyun Mok Cinematic Arts Award: Lee Chun Yeon (the former CEO of Cine2000 production company)

Best New Actress: Lee Yoo Mi (“Young adults matter”)

Best New Actor: Ha Jun (“Festival”)

Best New Director: Hong Eui Jung (“Voice of Silence”)

Best Screenplay: Ryu Seung Wan, Lee Gi Chul (“Escape from Mogadishu”)

Best Cinematography: Choi Young Hwan (“Escape from Mogadishu”)

Best Music: Bang Joon Suk (“Escape from Mogadishu”)

Best Art Direction: Jung Sung Jin, Jung Chul Jin (“The Space Sweepers”)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Check out the trailer for “Escape from Mogadishu” below!

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