Wonder Women director Anjali Menon suggests film critics up their game: “When the audiences themselves write such great reviews…”


Filmmaker Anjali Menon’s latest comments on film criticism are buzzing the internet. In an interview, Anjali, who is promoting her upcoming movie wonderful women, stressed the importance for film critics to better understand all the mechanics of the process of making a film before commenting on a film. And it sparked a debate on social media as many were offended by his observation.

Anjali cited the example of famous film critic Udaya Tara Nayar. She shared an anecdote of how Udaya was encouraged by her boss to learn about the technical aspects of filmmaking before writing her first review.

“Her boss sent her to the sets of Raj Kapoor to understand how the filming is done. To figure out the editing, she was sent to Hrishikesh Mukherjee. She wrote her first review after studying all of this. Most critics don’t come from such a background. When we talk about a film in technical terms, what cracks me up is when I hear that there has been a shift in the film. At least one should know what editing is as a process before making such comments. A director would have decided the pace of a film based on various points. And they also compare two unrelated movies. It does not work like that. You have to understand how a movie is told and what’s in a movie. I welcome comments on technical errors and all. In fact, I love reading reviews. This is a good thing. The study of film criticism was part of our curriculum. Everyone will benefit if film critics have a better understanding of this medium,” she said in an interview with Film Companion South.

After facing a lot of criticism for her comments, Anjali Menon released a clarification on Wednesday. The filmmaker reiterated her position but added that she was only suggesting that professional film critics should up their game. professional critics should aim even higher. I have always respected audience comments and criticism and believe they have every right to watch a film and express their opinion, good or bad. In fact, I “I said in this interview that I look forward to public criticism. Just share this note so there’s no confusion about what I was referring to in the interview,” he said. she said in a statement posted on her Instagram page.

Anjali Menon’s latest film, Wonder Women, is set to release direct to SonyLIV this Friday.


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