2 movie reviews – Buffalo Rising


William Graebner is Professor Emeritus of History at the State University of New York, Fredonia, where he has taught courses on film and American culture. He has authored or co-authored 11 books and over 50 scholarly papers, including essays on “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, “McCabe and Mrs. Miller”, “The Adventure of Poseidon” and zombie movies as they relate. to the Holocaust. Dianne Bennett, the first woman to head a major US law firm, is a retired US tax attorney. Dianne and Bill were early and avid participants in the Toronto Film Festival and today enjoy the film stages of Los Angeles, Rome, London and Buffalo, New York. They started reviewing movies for Rome-based website “TheAmerican/inItalia” in 2016, maintained a Rome blog for a decade, and published two alternative guides to the Eternal City. They still can’t resist going to the movies, not to mention the sometimes heated discussions that ensue over a bottle of Arneis at the nearest wine bar. And that’s just the beginning of our review process. For one or two hours, we discuss the film, while one of us takes notes. The note taker transcribes the notes and prints two copies. Dianne or Bill (usually depending on who had the more compelling understanding of the movie or who was more enamored with it) writes the first draft of the review – supposedly considering the other’s opinions – which is followed by 3 , 4 or even 7 more drafts. At some point, sometimes days later, when we’re both comfortable with the outcome (or accepting it, anyway), it’s done. https://www.2filmcritics.com


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