2022 US Brand Film Awards: Execution Categories


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This group of films have excelled at building buzz using many different techniques, whether it’s using influencers, partnering with unique brands, or sticking to a tight budget.

Best Film with a Budget (Under $250,000)

WINNER: At the heart of the farm: land and heritage

Corteva Agriscience and Ogilvy

Black farmers were central to American history, but with farm consolidation and other challenges, they now make up only about 1% of the country’s farmers. This nearly three-minute film directed by Emily Clark focuses on one of them, James Davis Jr. of Waterproof, Louisiana. The film explores Davis and his property, and the farmer tells the story of his family, from working the land as sharecroppers to becoming a landlord. He also explains the economic and symbolic importance of owning a farm – no matter what discrimination the Davis family faces, they will always have their farm. The film was released to coincide with Black History Month and it topped all Corteva Agriscience benchmarks, with 2.2 million views to date. It received organic coverage on Louisiana television and praised by the agricultural industry.


Spam Brand + Hormel Foods and Attention Span with Attention Span Media

Watch the movie here.


WINNER: Apple TV+ Everyone but Jon Hamm

Apple and TBWAMedia Arts Lab

Many streaming services are built on large lists of movies and TV shows or they allow third-party content, but Apple TV+ has chosen to only create original content featuring and produced by some of the most talented people. Hollywood’s most famous. To highlight the many names – Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Reese Witherspoon and more – who have collaborated with Apple TV+ on projects, director Wayne McClammy turned to Jon Hamm. In a minute-long monologue, set in a modernist Southern California home, an aggrieved Hamm wonders how Apple TV+ could have ignored him when they seem to be working with everyone in Hollywood. As he scrolls through the Apple TV+ offerings, the intensity of his irritation only increases, and his FOMO, played for laughs, encourages viewers to see what they too may be missing.


Merck Oncology and Real Chemistry

Watch the movie here.

Partnerships & Integration

WINNER: Ikea and Buzzfeed Present: The Bizarre Case of Ivy Kay

Ikea and Wavemaker with Wavemaker US

Ikea and Buzzfeed have tapped into the current popularity of true crime mysteries to create The Strange Case of Ivy Kay, the story of the mysterious disappearance of a nurse. In the three-part series, totaling just over 22 minutes, screenwriter Alison Wong and director Brad Woolf chronicle Kay’s descent (fuelled by a coffee addiction) and eventual demise (only for two days, but still a disappearance).

While true crime fans may have enjoyed the detective, when the mystery is finally solved, it’s somewhat underwhelming. Spoiler alert: Kay visited Ikea for her free coffee, but then took a peek and decided to redecorate her apartment. She finally had a safe house where she could disappear for a well-deserved two-day stay. Each of the three episodes featured Ikea furniture while playfully engaging with true-crime stories in a way that would resonate with Ikea audiences and create love for the brand and positive associations.


Century 21 Real Estate and National Geographic CreativeWork with Martin Agency

Watch the movie here.


WINNER: A history of CODA

Google and Google BrandStudio

The pandemic has presented challenges for all families, but especially those with first-time parents and grandparents. It also offered additional barriers for people with disabilities. A history of CODA describes how a Google employee, Tony Lee, navigated the pandemic as a new father who is also a CODA – “child of deaf adults”. Live captioning and captioning in Google Meet, two assistive technologies from Google, made it easier for Lee’s parents to engage with their new grandson’s life from his earliest days, despite travel bans and other measures that meant any in-person meeting would be delayed. A history of CODA launched at the Oscars, and Google has partnered with ABC and the Academy to provide audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired viewers, continuing the brand’s commitment to accessibility.


Google and Google BrandStudio

Watch the movie here.


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