80 Crores for Akhil’s film?


Many major movie deals are closing significantly earlier than expected these days. OTT sales of big-ticket movies often happen before the movie has even finished shooting, if not for theatrical sales. And we are learning right now that Akhil’s upcoming feature “Agent,” directed by the great Surender reddy, has signed one of those deals.

Despite the fact that Surender Reddy’s latest film “Sye Raa” did not perform well at the box office, the filmmaker deserves praise for making such a massive film with a senior superstar like chiranjeevi and the way he played crucial roles. Surender reddy is currently creating Agent with akhil, in which the struggling hero will be portrayed in the character of a spy, having gathered all his vital skills. Reportedly, Amazon Prime Video has reached a groundbreaking deal with the film’s producers.

According to reports, amazon Prime has paid around 80 crores for the OTT streaming rights of the film in the five languages ​​it will be released in, and the producer is ready for an early screening of the image even if it is a success. . This means that the image will be available on the OTT platform within 30 days of its first publication. They claim it returned almost the entire budget for the film. Right now, akhil and Surender reddy are shooting action sequences in the snowy backdrops of Manali. Sakshi Vaidya, a newcomer, will make her acting debut in this film.


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