A new film reveals the development process of the VW ID. buzz

  • Volkswagen publishes a documentary on the development process of the VW ID. Buzz from concept to production.
  • The automaker unveiled European versions of the ID. Buzz in March, but US buyers likely won’t see the EV in the metal until late 2023.
  • VW is planning a number of versions of the electric minivan globally, including a delivery van and a luxury motorhome.

    Few vehicles in recent memory have endured a more scrutinized development cycle than the VW ID. Buzz. While many of our readers probably remember the retro concept of the 2001 Microbus (which still looks fantastic, by the way), the more direct impetus for the development of an electric model in Wolfsburg was related to the darkest days darker shades of Volkswagen’s diesel crisis, which still feels both recent, but also quite distant in many ways. The crisis itself forced a toll within Volkswagen, accelerating not only the end of the diesel era, but also the understanding that petrol-powered models might not exist forever.

    The automaker’s new electric religion has caused a slew of concepts to emerge, with a Microbus-style model once again quickly making its way to the top. The identity. The Buzz Concept, as it was known at the time, was among the first new electric models to be greenlit by Wolfsburg management, although its journey from concept to production was not as short as that of a other gasoline engine model.

    A new documentary from Volkswagen, featured below, offers a close look at the journey of the ID. Buzz from concept to production, offering rare insight into the Wolfsburg design and development process.

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    The documentary may be long, but it’s not as long as the American buyers who had their eye on the ID. The buzz goes still have to wait to just touch one on concession land.

    That’s right: the recent revelation of ID. Buzz came with an extra waiting order, but at least those who are impatient enough won’t be tempted to get anything else in the meantime, as there are hardly any cars on the dealer lots at the moment, and also because none of them are electric minivans.

    With Volkswagen having removed all camouflage from the ID. Buzz last month, it’s safe to say that potential buyers are now in the home stretch, with the model due to enter production in a few months and go on sale in Europe in late summer.

    The identity. The buzz coming to the US in 2023 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser: a long-wheelbase model with three rows of seats and an even bigger-than-slab 82kWh battery heading towards the European version that goes into production this summer. . . This is all good news for those who wanted to get the top model with all the trimmings, but those on a budget won’t be able to opt for something with minimal luxury and a shorter wheelbase, like in Europe.

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