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Craig Titley, who wrote Percy Jackson and the Olympians and worked on Marvel Agents of SHIELD, was exploited to work on ancient aliensLegendary feature based on The History Channel’s hit series.

Cobra Kai creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald are producing the project through their Counterbalance Entertainment banner. Heald is on board to direct.

Jon Jashni, the former president of Legendary, is also producing the project, which previously had a screenplay by Luke Ryan.

ancient aliens is a pseudo-documentary series that has aired since 2009 and deals with pseudo-science and the idea that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in ancient times, sometimes causing cultures to think they were gods.

Project details are being kept under wraps, but the story will be a two-handed global adventure featuring ancient sites and artifacts and involving the theories and questions raised by the docuseries.

The series was produced by Kevin Burns, an Emmy-winning television executive who produced countless hours of non-fiction programming for History, A&E, National Geographic and others. Burns, who died in September 2020, was previously Jashni’s partner at Synthesis Entertainment.

The show has aired over 200 episodes and is one of the longest running shows on the History Channel. The series spawned AlienCon, a convention based on discussions by ancient astronaut theorists that has attracted 50,000 visitors a year since 2016.

Titley is a seasoned screenwriter who wrote Steve Martin Cheaper by the dozen comedy and worked on the first live-action adaptation of scooby-doo. He wrote the big-budget 2010 adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

More recently, he worked as a screenwriter and executive producer on SHIELD and is currently developing several series with POW! Entertainment, including an unreleased comic by Stan Lee.

Titley is replaced by CAA, Authentic Talent & Literary and McKuin, Frankel.


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