Ansel Elgort Calls Out Movie Critics For Horrible Goldfinch Reviews


“The Goldfinch” is one of the most underrated and underperforming studio releases of 2019.

Ansel Elgort Stands Next to ‘The Goldfinch’ Amid Negative Reviews and Worse box office. The John Crowley-directed adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel dropped 71% in its second weekend in theaters, grossing less than $800,000 and taking its domestic total to $4.5 million . The release of ‘The Goldfinch’ was a disaster for Warner Bros., but lead actor Elgort made up his mind PageInstagram over the weekend to defend the film and call out film critics for deciding to focus only on evil in their overwhelmingly negative reviews of “Goldfinch.”

“Critics are usually really good writers and they kind of have to pick a side,” Elgort said. noted on his Instagram story. “They decided that pointing out everything that was wrong with the movie was the best way to write their reviews, their articles. They’re all great articles too. All the bad reviews are well written but there’s also has a lot of good things about the movie. The movie works. The people who see it, appreciate it and are moved by it.

Elgort added, “The most important person this moved me to was my mother, and she’s not moved by all of my films. She really liked this one, which made me like it a lot too. So it’s still in theaters, bring your mom.

Elgort’s “Goldfinch” defense reportedly helped the film on Letterboxd, as Elgort supporters took to the fan review app and flooded the film with four-star reviews. A Letterboxd user remark that as a result of Elgort’s video, the fan score for “The Goldfinch” increased a bit. Either way, “The Goldfinch” will go down as one of the lowest-rated and worst-performing studio releases of the year. IndieWire senior film critic David Ehrlich gave the film a D+ review after its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“‘The Goldfinch’ is a leaden, lifeless film that never takes off,” writes Ehrlich, “It will certainly disappoint anyone who watches it with high expectations.”

Luckily for Elgort, the actor has several rebound projects on the horizon. Elgort stars as Tony in the highly anticipated remake of Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’, which hits theaters in 2020, and the actor also announced that an Edgar Wright ‘Baby Driver 2’ script has been completed .

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