Aquaman Director Talks About Canceled Spinoff The Trench


After triumphantly establishing a career in horror films with well-known films like Seen, dead silence, Conspiracyand Insidiousthe director surprisingly moved on to big-budget blockbusters like Vin Diesel’s Quick 7 and DC’s highest-grossing film, Aquamanwith Jason Momoa.

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Following Aquaman’box office success, Warner Bros. immediately gives the green light to a sequel. Besides the sequel, a spin-off has also been announced titled, The trench, which follows Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta and the strange sea creatures. However, the spin-off was canceled soon after and Warner Bros. Aquaman after. Now that the spin-off has been scrapped, can James Wan still use the unused concepts in another movie?

In a new interview with comics, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan has shared some light on his canceled DC spin-off movie. When asked if he is ready to restore his abandoned concepts of The trench and use it on another project, which the director has done before, Wan frankly admitted the possibility.

“Look, I feel like anything I come up with, anything I do, if I come up with something that I don’t use, that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired to use it. in a different way,” Wa replied, “That’s my problem is that I have a lot of ideas and I have so many ideas seeping through, but obviously I can’t get them all. So I would say of all the different thoughts and ideas that I have In the end, I end up using maybe 20-30% of them in my work, and so I have a drawer full of ideas that could turn into something else.”

James Wan is now one of the critically acclaimed directors of the generation and the director has undoubtedly proven himself in the horror genre, and of course, in blockbuster films. The director’s creativity is extremely on another level, which would allow him to incorporate abandoned concepts into another project. While The trench seems like a done deal, it’s sure fans would love to see Wan incorporate the scrapped concept into another film.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits the big screens on January 17, 2023.

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