Bimbisara technology applied to Raviteja’s film

Because Nandamuri Kalyanram’s “Bimbisara” became a huge hit, the Active Producers Guild’s ongoing discussions changed course. That aside, the potential to produce a visual effects film on a significantly lower budget than films like Baahubali and kgf is already proving to be an intriguing case study for other directors.

The “Tiger Nageswararao” team, which will use comparable technology to recreate the style of the 1980s and 1960s in their film, would be inspired by the innovative work of the Bimbisara team. It is believed that the Bimbisara team used augmented and unreal reality technology by simply building half of the sets, scanning real locations to reproduce them realistically in visual effects software and merging these two to get ultra-realistic new worlds.

And now it is claimed that the production team of Raviteja used the technological innovation of the Bimbisara team to build the famous village “Stuartpuram”. For the unknown, Nageswararao tiger team has so far built Stuartpuram village twice in Hyderabad, once in Shamshabad area and another time in Ramoji Film City, but for some reason, in developing a PLATFORM portfolio’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest updates, photos, videos are just a click away, CLICK NOW”>digital CG village expansion has become difficult for them. They breathe a great sigh of relief now that Bimbisara has paved the way for them.


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