Boycott Adipurush trends: Prabhas-Kriti Sanon’s film in trouble over Hanuman and Ravana’s depiction

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Boycott Adipurush: Four months after release and “Adipurush”, a big-budget adaptation of the Ramayana, is already at the heart of controversy for multiple reasons – the depiction of Ravana and Hanuman as well as its inferior visual effects. The 1.46-minute teaser for the film, directed by Om Raut, was released in Ayodhya on Sunday. And the flashback was immediate. Led by Prabhas, who plays the lead role of Lord Ram, the multilingual period saga sees Saif Ali Khan playing the role of a 10-headed demon king called Lankesh aka Ravana.

Why Boycott Adipurush Is Trending

With a beard, fierce eyes and a fashionable haircut, Saif Ali Khan’s Lankesh seems to epitomize barbarism and many have called out the filmmakers for Ravana’s apparent Islamization. The depiction of Hanuman, with a beard, no mustache and dressed in leather, also drew criticism. ALSO READ: The Godfather Early Booking Report: Will Chiranjeevi-Salman Khan’s Film Create Box Office Magic?

The Deputy Minister of the Interior warns the filmmaker

As hashtags like #BoycottAdipurush and #BanAdipurush gained momentum, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Tuesday warned the film’s makers of legal action if scenes showing Hindu religious figures from the “wrong” way were not deleted. “I saw the ‘Adipurush’ teaser. There are some reprehensible scenes in it,” Mishra, who is also the state government spokesperson, told reporters in Bhopal. The robes and looks of Hindu deities as seen in the trailer were not acceptable, he said.

“Hanuman ji is shown dressed in leather, while the description (in scriptures) of the deity’s costume is different… These are scenes that hurt religious feelings. I am writing a letter to Om Raut to remove all these scenes from the If not removed, we will consider legal action,” Mishra said.

Tweeple React

Echoing the minister’s sentiments, one Twitter user wrote, “Ram and Lakshamna wore khadau not leather shoes like people in desert civilization did. Absurd movie.”

Others said they were appalled at Saif’s appearance as a maniacal Lankesh, saying his look was inspired by Mughal rulers. Some said it resembled Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Alauddin Khilji in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film “Padmaavat”, who was attacked for caricatured Khilji, with kohl-lined eyes and viciously attacking a piece of meat. ALSO READ: Adipurush Teaser: Saif Ali Khan’s avatar reminds netizens of ‘Khilji, Taimur but not Raavan’

“Creators should have done more research on Ravana. Saif Ali Khan’s expressions look absolutely pathetic. Ravana was not a psychopath. Saif acts as if he is portraying khilji from padmavat. Mythological movies absolutely need a better understanding of the characters (sic),” said a Twitter user. “He (Saif) looks more like Babar or Aurangzeb or Taimur but definitely not Raavan,” added another.

The VFX, others said, was a huge disappointment for a film said to have a budget of Rs 500 crore, making it one of the most expensive Indian films ever made.

A section of social media seemed both amused and disappointed (#disappointed was trending on Twitter) at the quality of his computer-generated images. Generally an expensive affair, CGI is used to create fantastic visual effects in movies. “Bruh, here comes CGI’s Jaani Dushman levels. #AdipurushTeaser,” said a post on Twitter drawing a comparison to the 2002 supernatural action thriller that achieved cult status over the years as a squealing watch. .

Sharing a photo from Ramanand Sagar’s epic ‘Ramayan’ series, a tweet said that no big budget or latest technology could ever match the ‘simplicity’ of classic 1980s show Doordarshan. crores, no 3d version, just simplicity. Nothing can ever come close to this #BoycottAdipurush,” one tweet read.

Many shared snaps of “Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama”, the 1993 anime film which was a Japan-India co-production. Directed by Japanese filmmaker Yugo Sako, it became a favorite of children of the 1990s generation who watched it many times on TV channels during reruns. “#Adipurush had the golden chance to present us with a film on the subject which is dear to everyone but unfortunately, even with the colossal budget and modern technology, it could not match even 1% of Yugo Sako’s Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama,” wrote one Twitter user.

Saif Ali Khan on the role of Ravana in Adipurush

This isn’t the first time Saif has gotten into trouble for ‘Adipurush’. In a 2020 newspaper interview, Saif had said Ravana’s version in “Adipurush” would be “human”. His remarks caused a stir in the not-so-virtual world of social media and the actor apologized for his comments, saying he never intended to hurt people’s feelings.

“I have been informed that one of my statements during an interview has caused controversy and hurt people’s feelings. It was never my intention or that sense. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone. world and withdraw my statement,” the actor said. then said in a statement.

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