Bryce Dallas Howard values ​​movie reviews, even bad reviews


Bryce Dallas Howard appreciates all feedback, good or bad.

Since her star debut in 2004 The villagethe actress/director has appeared in her fair share of blockbusters, saying she often takes roles coming from the place of being a fan.

“I usually do a movie because I’m a crazy fan of it, whether it’s the story or the director or the writer. I’m pretty intense about it,” she told PEOPLE in talking about the release of Jurassic World Dominionof the new extended version, available on Tuesday.

She adds, “I’m still a bit in shock that my acting career worked out. I know that’s a silly thing to say, and I think most actors feel the same way. But now having 41 years old and having more than 20 years of career in the cinema, I say to myself: ‘It keeps happening, I keep getting hired!’ And I keep being into things that I’m a crazy fan of. It’s fun to make movies. I just hope to keep playing in these amazing sandboxes.

Although part of franchises like Spider Man, Dusk and jurassic world means box office success and fan appreciation, movie critics aren’t always so kind. It’s something Howard welcomes, though.

“I annoy a lot of people because I really appreciate reviews and their opinions, and the way I’m made to understand when I read reviews,” she says. “I do not read everything reviews, but the majority of reviews I’ve read in my life, I agree with – and I don’t just read the good ones.”


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Howard says there were times when she admitted she ‘failed there’ when she was called out in a review and said to herself, ‘Thank you for seeing the truth . Thanks for keeping it real.” Sometimes she even lets the specific reviewer know her thoughts.

“I guess the critics started doing what they did because they loved the movies. I respect that so much and I honor that. I love the reviews so much because it’s the only way to grow and develop my own tastes and so on,” she explains. “So it’s a bit of a weird relationship. Sometimes when I’ve had a negative review, I’ll reach out to the person and say, ‘Thank you so much for talking about this, this and that. In fact, I agree with you. and I hope to overcome this in the next one. But I thought what you said was very insightful. ”

Don’t expect her to have this attitude every time.

“I mean, I couldn’t still feel that way. There can be circumstances where I’m part of something and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that was so…that was so misunderstood’ or something,” Howard says. But I appreciate the responsibility. ”

Jurassic World Dominion The Extended Edition, featuring never-before-seen footage, is available on digital, 4K UHD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, August 16.


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