CULT OF BLOOD (2022) Comedy Vampire Movie Preview with Trailer


blood cult is a 2022 American comedy horror film about online influencers and their partners who cross paths with a vampire cult.

Directed by Robbie Lopez (strange toys; Protect me; Born to Raise Hell 2020; Headcheese: the movie; Texas Death Trippin’) from a screenplay co-written with Newt Wallen. Produced by Christopher Nero, Michael St. Michaels and Chris Stimac.

The Crude Cinema production stars Dave Sheridan, Felissa Rose, KateLynn E. Newberry, Michael St. Michaels, Larissa Dali, Nadia White, Mikael Mattsson, Dan Gregory and Kyle Ament.


An unsuspecting group of online influential young adults and their loved ones find themselves crossing paths with an uptight vampire slaying cult during a wild night of drunken partying only to realize that things aren’t so funny and that this party is more like a ritual blood evil with the Dark Lord in the front row…


blood cult is currently in post-production with an expected release later in 2022.


Cast and characters:
Dave Sheridan … Todd
Felissa Rose … Crystal
KateLynn E. Newberry … Donna
Michael St. Michaels … Mayor Coopersmith
Larissa Dali … Shirley
Nadia White … Princess Jill Korek
Mikael Mattsson … Officer Ashworth
Dan Gregory … T-Rav
Kyle Ament … Officer Taggert
Chuck Peters… Karate student/Chuck cult member
Daniel Lund…cult member Danny
Bron Theron… Brother Bron, cult member
Ryan A. Johnson … Tom
Thomas Smith… Stacy Fields
Jessie Hobson … Joey Danger
Terry DeWitt … cult member terry
Bearce Isabelle … Cindy
Bryan Slusher … Roach
Jason Michaels … cult member Jay
Sean Brennan … Hawk cult member
Kristi McFadden … cult member Kristi
Jade McFadden … Cult Member
Matthew Jackson … Crust

$200,000 (estimated)


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