“Everything, everywhere, all at once”, first A24 film to earn $100 million at the global box office


Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert Everything everywhere all at oncewhich stars Michelle Yeoh, is officially the first A24 film to earn $100 million at the global box office.

According to reports, the sleeper grossed US$68.9 million in the United States and US$31.1 million overseas; the highest paying territories are the United Kingdom with 6.2 million USD, Canada with 5.1 million USD, Australia with 4.5 million USD, Russia with 2.4 million USD, Taiwan with 2.3 million USD, Mexico with 2 million USD, Hong Kong with 1.7 million USD, Germany with 1.5 million USD and the Netherlands with 1.1 million USD. Its recent theatrical re-release, which included eight minutes of takes and a pre-recorded message from the Daniels, earned US$650,000 from 1,490 locations between Friday and Sunday.

It officially makes Everything everywhere all at once A24’s highest-grossing film to date, surpassing that directed by Adam Sandler Uncut Gems’50 million US dollars of North American numbers and Hereditary worldwide box office total of US$79 million. Variety adds that with its $25 million production budget, the film “seems to be one of the few independent films to turn a profit theatrically in times of a pandemic” as it only opened in a few theaters in the past. starting in order to increase awareness and word-of-mouth before moving on to a larger version.

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