‘F*** you and your smugness’


Ron Perlman has strong words for the critics of his latest film Don’t look up.

Perlman played opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in Adam McKayit is netflix film, released last December.

The 71-year-old played military officer Benedict Drask, who is chosen by the US government to be sent into space on a mission to prevent a comet from colliding with Earth – before the mission is cut short when it is discovered that the comet could be worth billions of dollars.

Don’t look up received mixed reviews from critics and viewers, and currently has a 55% viewership rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Talk to The Independent, Perlman opened up about his feelings towards the film’s detractors.

“F*** you and your own importance and this perpetual need to say all bad things about something just so you can draw attention to something you had no idea you were creating,” he said. said the actor.

Perlman – best known for his role in the Hellboy franchise – continued, “It’s corrupt. And it’s sick. And it’s twisted.

He said, however, that he “understands that this is part of how the internet almost killed journalism. And now journalism is trying to do everything it can to co-opt and maintain its importance.

Ron Perlman in “Don’t Look Up” (Niko Tavernise/Netflix)

In The Independentthe four-star review of , which you can read here, Clarisse Loughrey called the film “a hard-hitting and funny satire”.

Other reviewers were less impressed. A review for The Hollywood Reporter condemned the film as a “boring apocalyptic whoopee cushion”.

Elsewhere in Perlman’s interview, which will be available in full tomorrow, Perlman discussed his views on Republicans and anti-vaxxers.

He also spoke about his friendship with director Guillermo del Toro, with whom he recently worked in the new crime thriller alley of nightmares.


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