Film producer Joed Serrano steps down from senatorial race


AFTER a long reflection, the former actor and now film producer Joed Serrano withdrew his candidacy for the Senate as an independent candidate.

Joed chose to run for public office to defend the rights of the LGBTQIA community of which he is proud to be a member. On top of that, if elected, he pledged to act for the standardization of minimum wages across the country.

All of this, however, will not see the light of day. On December 16, Joed released an official statement regarding his withdrawal from the race.

Among other things, what apparently disturbed the independent film producer was the budget of 800 million pesos required to finance his candidacy. Not belonging to any political party involves enormous resources to mount a national campaign.

Although he didn’t bluntly say he had such an amount, Joed swore, “Ayokong masabihan na manloloko, na mangangako ako ng mga bagay na ‘di ko naman matutupad.”

Ergo, he came to understand why most politicians elected to public office are forced to commit cases of corruption “by mabawi nila ang ginastos nila”.

So, is Joed totally closing his doors to politics?

In the upcoming election, yes, citing that moment turns out to be a crucial factor in any major decision in life.

Aware of public criticism that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a public servant, having Joed biding his time will allow him to learn the ABCs of public governance.

As he says, “Timing is everything.”


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