Hansal Mehta criticizes self-proclaimed film critics, call them malaise and monsters


Mumbai, Aug 20, 2022 (NewsHelpline) — Prolific and thoughtful filmmaker Hansal Mehta is slamming film critics, especially Kamal R Khan on social media, calling him the malaise and monster affecting the cinematic fraternity.

With the boycott culture rampant on social media, self-proclaimed film critics and box office pundits have been researching films and sharing unwarranted information, with some even cooking up statistics to slam a movie.

After Akshay Kumar star Raksha Bandhan, Aamir Khan star Laal Singh Chaddha and Ranbir star Kapoor Shamshera, self-proclaimed trolls and film critics are on the hunt for Taapsee star Pannu Dobaaraa.

Defending the film collection on opening day and slamming some of the film critics, Hansal Mehta wrote, “#Dobaaraa made 72 lakes across 370 screens. Which is more than adequate. It is these self-proclaimed experts/critics who are part of the malaise that affects us. The industry created these monsters by sucking them in, paying for them, and now getting their backs kicked by them”

This is not the first time that Kamaal R Khan and those close to him have been criticized on social media, but he refuses to let it go and be more constructive.

We couldn’t agree more with Hansal Mehta, reviewers and critics need to be a bit more careful and constructive with movies, not all movies should be viewed with disdain and criticized for no apparent reason.

On the work side, Hansal Mehta is busy with Faraaz, Captain India, Scam 2003, Scoop and Dedh Bigha Zameen.

Hansal Mehta criticizes self-proclaimed film critics, call them malaise and monsters

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