How a community film could save the Dan Harmon series


Dan Harmon’s breakthrough sitcom, Community, remains a cult classic for many die-hard fans. Despite its rocky run, a “gas leak year”, and the constant threat of cancellation looming over it, the series managed to last six seasons, and there are still talks of a movie being made for the series. . Although the series ended on a high note with its critically acclaimed finale, fans are still hoping that Harmon and the cast will return to make this film, and there are plenty of reasons why it would make for a much better ending. for Community.

The show has repeatedly teased the idea of ​​making a movie with Abed’s signature tagline “six seasons and one movie,” and fans have repeatedly fought to make that line a reality. Although it’s been about seven years since the show wrapped and the cast moved on to greener pastures, a reunion in Greendale might satisfy fans by giving the study group the send-off it deserves.

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A community film could reunite the main cast

CommunityThe decline of seems to have begun as many of its main cast members left the show after season 4. The show still did well in season 5 without the pathologically unresponsive Pierce in the study group, and audiences shouldn’t s wait for his character to return. for multiple reasons. However, everything seemed to go downhill once Troy left the show, as Greendale simply wasn’t the same without him.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Community was Troy’s friendship with Abed, as the duo’s chemistry and hilarious antics contributed to many of the show’s most memorable moments. Fans would no doubt love to see Donald Glover reprise his iconic role on the show and reunite with his best friend: Abed. Additionally, Troy was arguably the heart of the study group, as he repeatedly brought his friends back to the brink of despair (as well as a zombie apocalypse), with Pierce posthumously claiming that Troy had the “heart of a hero”. And without him, the rest of his friends are lost.

Shirley should also be given the chance to return to Greendale, as she was a hilarious and nurturing presence who helped keep the study group on track, even if she sometimes went too far. Her character arc also remains unfinished, as she left the show having to give up her sandwich business again while losing her husband and children in another divorce. Returning to Greendale to reunite with her friends and family may allow her to mend those still-open wounds and get her life back on track.

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Sitcom movies for shows like The simpsons and Bob’s Burgers portrays their main cast on an epic adventure, and while these films are animated, why not have the heroes of Greendale do the same? The public has already seen Community do while letting the study group get sucked into paintball wars, virtual realities, futuristic dystopias, and playdough Christmas adventures.

In this show, the possibilities are endless, despite the fact that the characters were usually confined to their school or apartments. If the creators had a serious budget for a feature film, they could show their true potential and create something truly spectacular. Imagine what a Greendale paintball war would look like on the big screen.

Something interesting always seems to happen to Greendale students, and Community has already set up potential storylines for the film to focus on. Perhaps audiences would see the protagonists going out to rescue Troy, who was captured by pirates while on a boat trip with actor LeVar Burton. Greendale could also get into another court case or an epic battle with rival City College, which could force the study group to venture out to save the school.

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The series ended with Abed and Annie leaving Greendale to start new jobs, leaving Jeff and the rest of the cast still tied to the school. Jeff spent Season 6 worrying about being stuck in Greendale forever, and he had become an “active alcoholic” after his law firm closed. Audiences can finally see him get back on his feet in this legendary film, as he may end up starting a new law firm or picking up a new profession that gives him meaning in life.

Likewise, Britta, having been forced to live with Annie and Abed and work as a bartender, can finally achieve her dreams by earning a degree in psychology and escaping her dead end job. Even though her friends criticize her for wanting to be a therapist and flaunting her knowledge, she deserves things to happen for once.

Overall, a Community The movie might even help Dan Harmon find peace with his comedic masterpiece, as the promise of a movie to complete his characters’ stories has been hanging over his head for years. Even though a lot of people were happy with how the series ended, as the main characters grew up and found new callings in life, it still feels like Harmon and his characters didn’t quite graduate from Greendale.

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Usually, when a reboot happens several years after the original story ended, the results aren’t worth the wait. But Dan Harmon knows the formula for writing a well-structured story (he’s famous for inventing his own “story circle”). And in these years since Community finished, he’s bound to have a lot of great ideas for a movie swirling around in his head, waiting to come to life.

And it’s not like Harmon has grown rusty with his writing, as he’s spent the last decade honing his craft with his animated comedy. rick and morty. Harmon’s success and popularity with his famous sci-fi sitcom has only increased people’s confidence in him as a writer, making it more likely that studios will want to make a Community movie with him.


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