Huge budget for the rajamouli-mahesh film…?

Since the release of Baahubali, Tollywood film budgets have increased tremendously. Producers are ready to put budgets of one hundred crores, two crores, five lakhs and one thousand crores. The movie rrr cost over Rs 500 crore. How to get this money..? rajamouli knows best. This is why the producers do not hesitate to spend on his films. Now it is rumored that Rajamouli is investing Rs 800 crore in his upcoming film starring mahesh babu as the hero.

Rajamouli decided to make a movie with Mahesh Babu after RRR. What is the story of this movie..? There has been a lot of news for days about the genre that will be screened. Rajamouli is said to portray Mahesh as James Bond. Now the information that the same is going to be true. Rajamouli is going to make this movie with a story like James Bond. It is estimated to have a budget of Rs 800 crore. There are also chances that the film’s budget will increase at the last minute.

Considering that the box office stamina of Indian cinema is Rs.2000 crores.. rajamouli thinks the money can be recouped anyway. They also want to release this film in Hollywood. Sleek action movies like James Bond are well regarded in Hollywood. The film will also be released in full English version. rajamouli thinks getting Rs 800 crore is not a big deal.

Mahesh Babu is currently acting in the film Sarkaru Vari Pata and a film directed by Trivikram. If it’s done but rajamouli won’t be able to start the movie.


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