Iconic director discusses all things ‘Gremlins,’ his lost films ‘Halloween,’ ‘Batman’ and more [The Discourse Podcast]


In today’s episode of The speechhost Mike DeAngelo travels back in time to explore every nook and cranny of the filmmaker Joe Dantewith the director himself, who is currently promoting his scream plant and Shout Factory TV takeover titled “Inferno movie by Joe Dante.” Taking place September 3 on Screamfactorytv.com at 3 p.m. ET, on Takeover, Dante will introduce and guide you through seven underrated classic feature films from the Scream Factory/Scream Factory catalog, including movies like Roger Corman‘s”Attack of the Crab Monsters“, Chateau Guillaume‘s”House on the haunted hill,” and more.

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During the career-spanning interview, Dante discussed “the movie that will be airing [his] tombstone”, which is his hit Amblin Liberation”Gremlinsand how it wasn’t supposed to be a family movie when they started.

“Initially, it was to be a low-budget horror film.” Dante shared. “So what, Steve [Spielberg] had what I think turned out to be the most brilliant idea, which was about a month before filming, he decided that this Gizmo character – that we had built that was very small and cute – should stay during all the movie. He shouldn’t become the villainous Gremlin. And it struck us with horror because this little bag of bolts that we had built might be good for two reels, but there was no way it was carrying the film. So we had to really manage.

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And the rest, as they say, is history. The film spawned a truly bonkers, fan-favorite sequel and an upcoming animated prequel, “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai,” for HBO Maxwhich, according to Dante, is “very good” and can also be protected against Warner Bros./Discoveryrecent content issues due to an unannounced season 2.

“The show is now apparently coming to HBO Max, I believe, early next year,” Dante said. “It was supposed to be this fall, but there’s a lot of commotion at HBO and Warner Bros., but I don’t think they can eliminate us completely because they already have two seasons! They did one season and then in ordered another one so they put some money into that thing so I don’t think it’s going to be the new ‘Batgirl’ And it’s a really great show It starts out very, very family-friendly and then as it goes and as it gets a little scarier.

The far-reaching discussion touches on many Dante fan favorites like “The howling,” “Interior space,” “Explorers,” “The ‘Burbs“, and more, but the director also talks about his projects that never became like his unproduced”Jaws“sequel, his version of”Batman” before Michael Keaton and Tim Burton were brought in (which you can read more about here), and his version of “Halloween 3“, it almost happened.

“I actually got hired on ‘Halloween III,’ but they hadn’t lit the movie,” Dante explained. “He was the one with Dan O’Herlihy, [‘Season of the Witch‘]. And nigel [Kneale] wrote him, and I had known him before. I wanted to do it, but ‘The twilight zone’ the movie came and it was a hit, so i said to John [Carpenter]”I have to do it”, and they went on and did it without me.

Dante was even considered for “jurassic park“, but was eventually sought Steven Spielberg In place. “Jurassic Park, I was one of four directors who were considered for different studios,” he said. “And Michael Chrichton chose the one who could give her a theme park, which is not surprising.

“Joe Dante’s Film Inferno” will simulcast on Scream Factory TV, Shout! Factory TV, and via the Shout Factory TV app, available for free on most streaming platforms. You can listen to the entire conversation below.

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