Kalyan Ram’s film has ended its shooting in silence..!

Kalyan Ram’s film has ended its shooting in silence..!

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram..makes different films apart from the Jayapajayas. If he loves history, he takes a lot of risks. This Nandamuri hero puts an end to those comments by hitting a blockbuster at a time when people think “one after another gossip is coming… Kalyan Ram’s job is done.” This is why he is called a dynamic star in the industry. The recent film “Bimbisara” is the best example of this.


The budget for this movie is as different as Kalyan Ram’s market is to a fox. While Kalyan Ram’s market is Rs.15 crores, the film’s budget has become Rs.45 crores. However, Kalyan Ram’s prediction was correct. The film garnered up to Rs.37 crore share in terms of theatrical release. Another estimated Rs 25 crore came in the form of digital and satellite rights.

While completing the shooting of this movie, Kalyan Ram has also finished shooting his next movie. It is known that Kalyan Ram is shooting a movie under the production of “Mythri Movie Makers”, one of the successful Tollywood banners. This is the 19th film in Kalyan Ram’s career. This movie is directed by a new director named Rajendra Reddy.

Aashika Ranganath plays the heroine opposite Kalyan Ram. The film is almost complete with the recent Goa schedule. Speak that the final schedule is also short. The program will start soon. Gibran is the musical director of the film.


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