Kiran Abbavaram wants movie critics not to write first reviews


Telugu actor Kiran Abbavaram has called on film critics not to write film reviews immediately after their release.

Kiran made his Telugu debut in 2019 with love story ‘Raja Vaaru Rani Garu’ and has hits like ‘SR Kalyamandapam’. Now that his upcoming romantic comedy “Sammathame” is coming out soon, Kiran Abbavaram has a message for Telugu film critics.

Kiran recently made an open appeal to film critics to refrain from writing film reviews soon after their release.

“Instead of giving reviews on Fridays (the first day the movies are released), delay a bit and give your reviews on Mondays,” the young actor said.

“You can totally criticize a movie if it’s mediocre. However, please wait until Monday. For the first three days, let the audience watch the film and pass judgment. This is my heartfelt proposition to the film critic community,” Kiran said.

Low-budget movies that rely mostly on early reviews get hurt, which is why the actor made this call to give smaller films the benefit of the doubt, even if they’re not as entertaining as expected.

Kiran spoke up ahead of the June 24 premiere of his new movie “Sammathame” in theaters. The film has Chandini Chowdary in the female lead role.

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