Lea Michele hailed by film critics for her ‘spectacular’ performance in Funny Girl


Lea Michele gained worldwide recognition by portraying the role of Rachel Berry from Glee. More than a decade later, the actress is surprising critics with her portrayal of “Funny Girl” in the Broadway revival.

Knowing Lea Michele’s background on Glee, “Funny Girl” became the perfect role for the star. However, the popular actress wasn’t the only star director Michael Mayer had in mind to reprise the role.

Following Beanie Feldstein’s departure from the musical in July, the 36-year-old has become the new Franny Brice. After cruel rumors went viral again claiming the actress couldn’t read or write, Lea Michele proved them wrong by nailing her performance.

Rachel Berry is back but in the form of Fanny Brice.

Lea Michele hired as Fanny Brice

Remember that episode of Glee when Rachel played her character in a fictional Broadway revival at the end of the show? Well, his dreams came true in real life.

Lea was not originally cast as Franny Brice, but became a replacement after Beanie Feldstein left. Her captivating presence and voice were replaced by the former Glee star, who joined the cast last September.

After a month of rehearsals and a battle with covid-19 in between, the 36-year-old managed to deliver a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience by captivating audiences with her voice.

After the debut, the actress took to Instagram to express her gratitude after positive reviews surfaced online.

“I want to thank you so much for the support after my first performance on the Broadway stage as Fanny Brice,” she captioned.

“I’ve said it before, but joining this cast has truly been the greatest honor. I’m so grateful to everyone involved in this production.

Critics praise Lea for Funny Girl

Not only did critics describe her portrayal of Fanny as “spectacular”, but fans of the actress also expressed shock at her performance’s “good” performance – and the wait was well worth it.

As Deadline reported in her review, the actress once again showed off her great voice and why audiences fell in love during her Glee days.

Greg Evans described his performance as “spectacular”, saying the whole piece was “simply and without exaggeration, a knockout”.

He wrote, “After all the controversies and the mishandled original castings and the headlines and the bruises and the backstage firings or resignations or whatever, funny girl is, as many suspected from the start, the musical that Lea Michele was born to direct.

Lea takes over The Tonight Show

On October 2, Lea took the Jimmy Fallon stage. She delivered an outstanding and moving performance of the song People, which Barbra Streisand once sang during the original take of Funny Girl in the 1960s.

Lea spoke of her excitement at being cast in the role.

“I’ve wanted to come back to Broadway for so many years,” she told the host.

Saying she had been on hiatus from major theaters for 15 years, she said: “To be back and be in the show that I’ve loved for so many years…I’m such a fan of this production. ”

On her opening night at the August Wilson Theater, the actress received six standing ovations from the audience.


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