Los Angeles Film Critics Association Acting Awards will now be gender neutral — World of Reel


The voting body within the Los Angeles Film Critics Association decided that, hey, Indie Spirits, Gotham and the Berlin Film Festival were right, let’s go GENDER NEUTRAL!

No more male and female actor awards will be given, instead we get two trophies for best lead performance and two awards for best supporting performance.

As I said a few weeks ago, what the Spirits and Gotham have done is just the beginning. It will eventually end with the Oscars becoming gender neutral, you can take it to the bank.

LAFCAs fundamentally signal how boldly they resist patriarchal norms. The Oscars can’t afford to do this, their ratings are already down and by becoming gender neutral they will further isolate the audience, albeit small, they currently have. Tradition is tradition, let’s face it, in the same way that Cannes and Venice probably never will.

If I had to bet, the BAFTAS are next, of course the Golden Globes because they’re already on thin ice with the social media dogs and they have to signal virtue to break out of the socialist prison they’ve dug themselves into.

Again, sooner or later, this kind of gender ideology will infect the Oscars. It’s not a question of if, but when. The media will be happy to be the relentless pursuers of this issue until it is passed. It’s the sad truth. And, know what? It won’t matter because by then the Oscars will be in single digit ratings, 95% of the population won’t care about the winners or the politicized movies they name. This is where we are heading my friends.

In the near future, we’ll have to rely even more on non-American movies to get our episode of endorphin-packed cinematic nirvana. We are already there a bit. American culture has been poisoned by ill-intentioned purists, and that tends to result in bland art.


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