Love and Thunder star mocks the film’s CGI


Picture via Disney

There’s been a lot of criticism surrounding the MCU’s latest entry Thor: Love and Thunder and while it’s currently dominating at the box office, fans have ridiculed the film on social media for its CGI.

Marvel fans have pointed out moments from the film that don’t seem to live up to the film’s massive budget, but it’s not just the fans who get in on the action – even cast members have stepped in to poke fun. .

Vanity Fair recently shared a clip on its YouTube channel featuring the film’s director Taika Waititi alongside star Tessa Thompson where the pair break down a scene from the film.

During this breakdown, Thompson who plays Valkyrie in the film, points out some issues with the CGI by joking that Korg doesn’t look real.

Going back and forth with Waititi – who voiced Korg alongside his directorial duties – Thompson joked that Korg’s color changes from blue to greyish at different times. The pair were apparently joking about the effects after the online backlash the film received for its CGI.

It wasn’t the only moment from the scene that Thompson highlighted. Seconds later, Valkyrie appears to be frightened by something in the video when nothing surprising is happening onscreen. Thompson explained that this was due to a scene that was cut in which Thor woke up screaming at the time. Luckily, Thompson has no problem leaving this moment in the split, making it a fun addition to the film.

The video provides plenty of other information about the film and the process of bringing that particular scene together. If you want to know more, be sure to watch the clip here.


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