Martin Scorsese Knew Scarface Would Never Fly With Movie Critics


Bauer says Scorsese first approached him to compliment his performance, an accolade that makes sense given Scorsese’s noted interest in John Wayne and other movie tough guys. Scorsese apparently followed his praise with a word of caution. Bauer remembers him saying, “They’re going to hate this movie in Hollywood…because it’s about them.” Many top Hollywood executives of the time closely resembled Tony Montana, or so it seemed to Bauer. The ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Ray Donovan’ actor suggests that many of the show business’s top brass had a thirst for profit that went hand in hand with the kind of excess and addiction depicted in De Palma’s film, and they didn’t like what they saw.

Scorsese’s films have impacted many major Hollywood players, and his words of wisdom have influenced artists and audiences alike. As a Cuban himself, Bauer has a close personal connection to “Scarface“, so its cold reception from critics was overwhelming. Scorsese’s insight helped the actor see past critical response and trust his love of the film, which would later become a staple of American cinema.

Bauer says “Scarface” always excites him with every new show because of his antihero’s “convincing nature.” “You may hate it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter, “but you can’t stop watching it.” Bauer is certainly not alone in these sentiments, which suggests why Hollywood execs were so resistant to ‘Scarface’. first. The film provides an engaging and memorable critique of the American Dream taken to a horrifying extreme.


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